QUIZ: Are You (Truly) Ready to Face the Corona Virus Pandemic?

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Do you know how to preserve food? Do you know what can or cannot be consumed after the expiration date? Do you know other possible uses for the various ingredients found in your pantry and your fridge? What foods increase immunity? Test your knowledge! See how prepared you really are for the present lock down!


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Yep, you’re ready! Good job! Now please pass this link to your friends. If the #stayathome, they might be bored to death anyway. Cheer them up!

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The bad news is that you didn’t pass the test. The good news is that you have plenty of time to keep studying. Start with the following links. And come back anytime with your homework done.

#1. You Can Whiten Your Laundry With …

#2. Some of These Food Products Are Safe to Use Even After the Expiration Date. Which Ones?

#3. A Study From 2007 Has Identified This Drink as a True Cure Against Sore Throat:

#4. Which One of These Countries Is Used for Labeling the Genuine Manuka Honey?

#5. The Recommended Daily Water Intake for Adults Is …

#6. Washing the Vegetables Is Extremely Important. How Do You Handle Broccoli or Cauliflower?

#7. These Are Powerful Immune System Boosters:

#8. How Do You Stockpile Food for an Emergency Situation?

#9. This Food Can Help Reduce the Amount of Your Headaches:

#10. What Types of Food Products Are Safe to Use Even After the Expiration Date?

#11. In Times of Crisis One Should Stockpile Especially on …

#12. You Can Find This Multi-Purpose Chemical Compound in Every Kitchen! It’s an Antimicrobial Agent and Bleach, Combats Acidity and It Is Used for Polishing, Cleaning, as Well as Personal Hygiene.

#13. It Is Said That One of These Fruits Improves Mood. Which One?

#14. Canned Foods Expire in 2 or More Years, No Matter the Food Content. Is This True?

#15. You Can Clean Your Cutting Board Using …


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