The Royal Menu: Foods Queen Elizabeth II Eats on a Regular Basis

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The great singer Lorde once said: “And we’ll never be Royals…” but the thing is, we can all eat like a particular royal person. Because most of the foods that Queen Elizabeth II eats daily are quite accessible and of course, healthy.

Sure, not all of the foods on the following list are things that us mere mortals have access to, but some of them you can definitely find in your local grocery store or market. Some of the things on the list are expected, some are not so much. But we do know this: Queen Elizabeth II eats them at 92 years of age, she has access to great medical care and nutrition specialists. And these items are sustaining her health as the monarch ruling the United Kingdom for the past 66 years.

She is also the longest-running monarch alive. But only the 45th longest reigning monarch of all time. Odds are she will end up a bit higher on the list when all is said and done.

8 accessible foods Queen Elizabeth II eats frequently

1. Tea

This is kind of a no-brainer since Brits love tea so much and Queen Elizabeth II rules all Brits! Of course she has tea every morning! And of course she respects the sacred tradition of tea time! According to, Her Majesty likes to wake up to a fresh hot pot of Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea with just a splash of milk and no sugar (my English friend jokes that he can’t have sugar in his tea, he’s not a commoner, but take that with a grain of… sugar).

The Royal Menu: Foods Queen Elizabeth II Eats on a Regular Basis
The Queen likes to have Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea with a splash of milk.

2. Biscuits

The plate of biscuits is something to always accompany the tea she has. I can’t tell you the type of biscuits involved in the queen’s snack, but I can only imagine that they change frequently. If you’re not living in the UK, maybe you have some friends going there for a vacation? Or, of course, you can make your own. There are plenty of recipes out there. FYI: Biscuits are cookies in Brit-speak.

3. Cereal

Talk about a royal breakfast? No, it’s actually a completely ordinary breakfast. Because who doesn’t like to have cereal as their first meal of the day? According to the same source, her favorite brand is Special K. Although it probably comes from a cardboard box, we can’t exactly imagine the Queen in her jammies, getting a bowl from a cupboard and pouring cereal and then milk in it. Gasp! What if she first adds milk and then cereal?

4. Scrambled eggs

Is a nice plate of scrambled eggs posher than a bowl of cereal? Not really. It just takes a bit longer to prepare. She likes the flavor of brown eggs more than the flavor of white eggs and sometimes she has them with a bit of smoked salmon and some grated fresh truffle. According to Darren McGrady, a former chef to the royal family, the Queen was always too frugal to order fresh truffles, so she saves the grated ones for special occasions.

The Royal Menu: Foods Queen Elizabeth II Eats on a Regular Basis
Sometimes, the queen likes to have her scrambled eggs with some smoked salmon.

5. Strawberries

This healthy fruit is also one of the Queen’s favorites. And in case you’re wondering, she has the fresh fruit in her own backyard. Can you imagine? She has strawberry, gooseberry, and raspberry bushes at her vacation place (a place like we all have, am I right?) Balmoral Castle, in Scotland. One wonders if Queen Elizabeth II eats them straight from the bush. We don’t think so. But anything is possible.

6. Sandwiches

When the Queen has her afternoon tea, she always asks two kinds of sandwiches from the kitchen. Want to prepare your own royal snack? Then you should know that these are her favorite fillings for sandwiches: smoked salmon, egg with mayonnaise, ham and mustard, cucumber, or tuna. She has whole wheat bread or white bread, cut into squares, with the corners cut off. Oh, and the slices have to be thinly cut.

Interesting bit of trivia from Darren McGrady on the shape of the sandwiches. He said that if you cut the bread in the shape of a square or rectangle, then it “would look too much like a coffin and it meant that you wished the queen ill”.

7. Fish

Have you ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth II eats for dinner? Well, her favorite is a simple dish of grilled fish and vegetables. It’s quite the healthy special, isn’t it? Her favorite fish is the Dover sole and her favorite side dishes are wilted spinach and zucchini (or courgettes, as they’re called in the UK, and honestly it sounds much posher).

The Royal Menu: Foods Queen Elizabeth II Eats on a Regular Basis
The queen’s favorite dish for dinner is grilled fish with a vegetable side.

8. Jam pennies

This is the treat the Queen enjoys with her afternoon tea. They’re small raspberry jam sandwiches which are cut into small circles the size of an old English penny. According to the Telegraph, this is something the queen has loved ever since childhood.

Now, the queen also has plain or fruit scones delivered to her, but it appears that she doesn’t like them that much, because she never eats them, according to McGrady. But her famous corgis do! So after her tea, she feeds her corgis some nice fresh scones.

How about the other meals?

Of course, there are some foods that Queen Elizabeth II eats, foods that are not as accessible to everybody. Like Gleneagles pâté, a first-course meal that is one of the monarch’s favorites. It combines three pâtés: smoked salmon, smoked trout, and smoked mackerel, layered on smoked salmon fillets and then sliced.

And on Sundays, she has a traditional roast, made with roasted meat (pheasant, grouse, venison, beef, or partridge), potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables, and gravy. The Queen also enjoys some German wine with her dinner and a sweet wine-based aperitif gin and Dubonnet served with a slice of lemon and ice. As for her dessert, the Queen is quite fond of chocolate cake, which she eats to the last crumb. But we’re not surprised. Who isn’t? For her birthday, the Queen has her chefs make her a dark chocolate ganache sponge cake.

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  1. Maria Paula Bento da Silva

    My brand of cereals is exactly the same. When I was I liked tea with milk, I’ve grown out of it.

  2. Of course, HM has favourites, not favorites!!
    And, sadly, she no longer has Corgis – the last one died about 3 months ago – but she has other dogs to wolf down the scones.

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