So Close: These Beauty Ingredients Are Already in Your Kitchen

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You know by now that the most amazing beauty ingredients don’t have to be necessarily bought as creams, ointments, and powders. They can also be foods – common ones in fact. Some of them might be in your pantry as we speak!

We care about what we put in our bodies, so it’s only natural that we have come to care about what we put on our skin. According to science, we absorb over 80 percent of what we apply to our skin. That’s why it’s important that those things we apply are all healthy, organic products. So why not healthy, organic food? These are the beauty ingredients that double as healthy foods. Some of them are probably already in your kitchen. And most of them are way cheaper than fancy creams!

5 beauty ingredients you have in your kitchen

1. Honey

You can use it for face masks and you can use it for homemade scrubs. It also has antibacterial properties and some healing magic of its own. It fights microbes, it’s ideal for applying over acne-afflicted areas, and it’s great for healing the skin.

Mix the honey with jojoba oil or coconut oil and you’ve got yourself a wonderful pore cleanser. Massage your face with it and then rinse with water. Or you can mix it with some baking soda and create a gentle and effective exfoliator.

If you mix honey with baking soda you can create a gentle and effective exfoliator.

2. Turmeric

The number one quality that this brilliant and happy-colored spice has is anti-inflammatory properties. On that count, it’s one of the best things in the world. You can add it to some tea along with some black pepper. The seasoning activates the turmeric in special ways. This will heal you inside out, as anti-inflammatory tea should do wonders for a puffy face or swollen hands.

Of course, you can also whip up your personal creams and ointments with it. It goes great with the previous ingredient, honey, in a face mask that will just make you glow.

3. Matcha

This finely ground green tea powder is simply loaded with antioxidants which keep the free radicals in the air at bay. You can consume it as a nice and refreshing tea drink and you should, because it will give you so much energy and lift up your mood. At the same time, it will lighten up your face and eyes. If you want to hydrate your face, make sure to add matcha to some honey! The result? An awesome mask.

4. Nutritional yeast

Only one tablespoon of nutritional yeast can provide you with your much-needed daily dose of B vitamins. And these compounds are the ones essential for reducing inflammation and also acne problems. Thanks to its gritty texture, nutritional yeast works fabulously as an exfoliant, and it does its work as gently as possible.

Nutritional yeast works fabulously as an exfoliant.

5. Coffee

There are so many things you can do with your coffee grounds after making coffee, that you will never throw them out again. The caffeine doesn’t just stimulate you before a big presentation or when you’re pulling out an all-nighter of studying. It does the same thing when applied to your skin. Caffeine helps stimulate circulation – that’s why it’s used to minimize the look of cellulite – and increase the blood flow. But its wonderful texture makes it ideal for a moisturizing body scrub. Just mix it with some honey or coconut oil and apply it to your skin. Be careful with consuming coffee, though. It can ruin your sleep.

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