Sweet, Healthy and Shiny: The Beauty Benefits of Honey

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Sweet, Healthy and Shiny: The Beauty Benefits of Honey

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If you’re on a low budget, know that you can still take care of yourself with very little money and make simple yet effective beauty products in your own home. We’re here to talk about the beauty benefits of honey, which are plenty and not to be taken lightly.

I used to think that worrying about skin care is something related to vanity. But I’ve realized lately that it’s not really that. Skin care is about health and being healthy means that your beauty is nourished too. Healthy skin will always look good, glowing no matter the season or weather. And that’s super good news because now you don’t have to buy s many beauty products or try to find room for them in your bathroom. Honestly, my bathroom cabinet is always overflowing with stuff and it’s super annoying to me to add more products there.

And if you sum up the beauty benefits of honey, it turns out to be one of those very versatile ingredients in your kitchen and when applied to your face or your hair.

Sweet, Healthy and Shiny: The Beauty Benefits of Honey
If you’re into making your own beauty products, you should always have honey on hand.

Beauty benefits of honey: skin

So, what does honey do that’s so great for you? Plenty of things, let me tell you. It is naturally antibacterial, which means that it’s great for the treatment and prevention of acne. If you have acne scars, applying some honey to them might help fade some of them.

It’s also loaded with antioxidants, which help protect your skin from the toll aging takes on it. And you. If you, like me, are kind of excited about getting some wrinkles, let me tell you that you will get some eventually.

Honey is also deeply moisturizing for your skin, but it also soothes your complexion. Put the two effects together and you get glowing skin.

If you have clogged pores, then honey might be the solution for you. The creamy golden goodness tends to have a clarifying and unclogging effect on your pores.

Honey also helps heal burns and wounds thanks to its anti-infection properties. It mops up the free radicals and lowers the risk of you forming scars. Pour tap water on a burn and then apply honey to it.

You can also use honey to thoroughly cleanse your skin of impurities and the dirt you’ve collected throughout the day.

Sweet, Healthy and Shiny: The Beauty Benefits of Honey
You don’t need many ingredients to use honey in your beauty routine.

How to use the beauty benefits of honey

There are a few simple ways to use the health benefits of honey, without many other ingredients or complicated assembly procedures. For instance, you can use honey as a mask as is. First, wash your face. Then apply a thin layer of honey on your skin, while it’s still damp. Use a circular motion to spread it around. Leave it on for about half an hour. Then gently rinse it with some warm water. This simple procedure will help unclog your pores and moisturize your skin.

You can also use honey in an acne emergency. Use a cotton swab to apply honey to your zit or blemish in the evening and sleep with it like this. You will find it looks much better in the morning.

Got some coffee grounds around? How about making some lovely body scrubs?

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