Chocolate, Walnut and Raspberry Cookies

Remember those delicious cookies grandma used to make? Well, these ones might be just like them with an extra topping of raspberries. You can use fresh ones if they’re in season, but they’re just as good with frozen ones if you can’t find them at the farmer’s market.

Coconut Marinated Chicken Tenders

Want to learn the secret to perfect, crispy and delicious chicken thighs? Try marinating the meat in coconut milk, to tenderize it and also add some extra flavor. Then, you have to coat it with flour, egg white, breadcrumbs and begin frying it! If you want to keep things low on cholesterol, use only egg whites!

Caramelized Apples

How to make a great dessert starting with just a couple of apples? First caramelize them in the oven with some rosemary, sugar, and cognac. And then the fun part starts: flambee them with a nice mix of apple juice and vodka, and serve them with a few topped raisins and powdered sugar. We think they will be an absolute hit!

Chocolate-Glazed Whoopie Pies

Is it a cookie? Is it a cake? Or is it a pie? Who cares how you call it as long as the whoopie pie has the best of everything? The dough is vanilla-flavored, with a thick and delicious crust of chocolate. The filling is creamy, made of cheese and more vanilla, but it also has a nice crunch to it thanks to the walnuts! Make sure to make a large batch, because these whoopie pies tend to fly off the plate!

Cookie Flowers With Plum Jam

Made from a simple dough, but with generous amounts of butter, these delicious cookies are a welcomed treat for the week-ends! And with their beautiful floral aspect, they will surely turn frowns upside down. Top them with plum jam, and they will instantly teleport you into childhood!

Chocolate Tart

Are you planning a Sunday brunch with your friends? Make this chocolate tart ahead of time and when your friends arrive, just pop it out of the fridge! It’ll take a little effort to put it together, but in the end you’ll be so rewarded!

Cheddar and Salami Bread Bowls

These Cheddar and salami bread bowls are a perfect snack! You can serve them in just about any moment of the day, and they will be equally enjoyable. They’re ready in just about 30 minutes, which makes them a viable option just about any time!

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