low sodium

Chicken Tomato Soup

This chicken tomato soup is full of nutrients and protein! Plus, is a real breakthrough in terms of spices – it combines garlic, paprika powder, garam masala, red chili and fresh thyme in a delicious way. Just try it!

Classic Hummus With Toasted Pine Nuts

Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern snack made from mashed chickpeas, blended with a bit of olive oil, tahini, lemon/lime juice, and seasoning to your liking. Nowadays you can find it in most grocery stores, but we find the homemade version to be much better. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend that you do, being one of our all-time favorite snacks.

Creamy Beet Soup

A healthy diet has to include lots of soups, so we prepared a delicious recipe to share with you today. The main ingredient of this dish will be beetroot, so keep in mind that it’s going to take a while to cook. That’s why we recommend pre boiling it, just so you can have a faster ride while making the soup. And if you want to kick it up a notch, just add some butter and heavy cream! They make just about everything better!

Caramelized Apples

How to make a great dessert starting with just a couple of apples? First caramelize them in the oven with some rosemary, sugar, and cognac. And then the fun part starts: flambee them with a nice mix of apple juice and vodka, and serve them with a few topped raisins and powdered sugar. We think they will be an absolute hit!

Chili Con Carne and Cheddar Crust

This classic chili con carne is all you need when longing for a hearty meal! Top it with lots of Cheddar for a nice and delicious twist!

Cherry and Cognac Sorbet

Cherry and Cognac Sorbet

Just look at this cherry and cognac sorbet! Do you need more reasons to make it, beyond the picture? Well, we’ll give you more anyway: it’s one hundred per cent made with amazing ingredients like cherries, agave syrup, and a splash of cognac.

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