Yogurt Raisin Phyllo Pie

  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • one hour and 0 minutes
  • 8 servings

Let’s transform some thin layers of phyllo pastry into something sweet, delicious and flaky. For that, layer vegetable oil-coated phyllo sheets and a creamy egg and yogurt mixture flavored with orange and lemon zest. Oh, and if you ever hear the names “Flies’ graveyard” or “Flies cemetery” it’s about the raisins sprinkled between the layers.

Ingredients Needed for Yogurt Raisin Phyllo Pie

5 yolks
½ cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1 teaspoon orange zest
1 teaspoon lemon zest
4 whipped egg whites
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
8 phyllo sheets, halved
1 cup raisins (5 ounces)
powdered sugar for garnishing

How to Cook Yogurt Raisin Phyllo Pie

  1. Add the yolks and sugar to a bowl. Season with salt, then mix until smooth using a hand mixer.
  2. Add the yogurt, orange zest, and lemon zest. Mix more.
  3. Add the whipped egg whites. Mix until even using a spatula. Set aside.
  4. Coat an 11 x 7 x 2 inches (28 x 18 x 5 cm) baking dish with vegetable oil using a kitchen brush.
  5. Line the baking dish with 4 phyllo pastry sheet halves. Coat each one with vegetable oil in the process.
  6. Layer 1/3 of the egg and yogurt mixture on top of them. Sprinkle some raisins on top. Do the same two more times with 8 more pastry sheet halves, the remaining egg-yogurt mixture, and raisins.
  7. Finally, add the remaining 4 phyllo pastry sheet halves and coat each with oil. Bake for 40 minutes at 360⁰F/180⁰C.
  8. Remove from oven, cover with a kitchen towel and let it cool at room temperature.
  9. Serve it cut into squares and garnished with powdered sugar.
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