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Crispy Chicken Skin – How to Make It Perfect

crispy chicken skin

Is there anything better than crispy chicken skin when you’re cooking a chicken leg or thigh? We think not, that’s why making it perfect is essential. Here’s the trick to it.

I always winced at the idea of cooking chicken without its skin. That’s the best part! Nutritionists used to say that we should remove it because it is fattening, but the facts are not exactly so. Crispy chicken skin actually contains unsaturated fat that is good for your heart, so eating it from time to time can be, in fact, healthy. But also, if you cook the meat with skin on, it ends up being juicier and more flavorful, so there are multiple advantages.

I guess my sister and I “fighting” over the piece of chicken with more skin had a purpose of its own, back when we were children. Now that we know this, what is the secret to crispy chicken skin cooked to perfection? How do you do it?

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The secret to crispy chicken skin

The first thing you have to look out for when it comes to the skin is to make sure you pat it dry before cooking. Any moisture that’s still in there runs the risk of steaming the skin and not making it crunchy. Then, you’re supposed to add some salt to it, because it tends to draw the moisture out.

The next step is using some fat on your cut of chicken meat, and also your favorite herbs and spices. Don’t skimp on the flavor, but don’t overdo it either. I like to go for garlic, usually, but garlic powder works too!

When you fry the chicken, use a cast-iron skillet and put it skin side down. Use medium heat for the task. And perhaps the most important bit of advice is not to constantly flip the chicken, because that can ruin the skin for good. At first, before it’s fully cooked, it can stick to the pan and when you try to flip it, it might tear. Also, constantly flipping it and exposing it to different temperatures might give you chicken skin that is not crispy. Just mostly oily and way too soft.

Once you can see that the chicken is cooked on that side and browned (it might take about 15 minutes, depending on the size of your cut), you can flip it and then pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes more, at then pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes more, at 450 degrees F/230 degrees C. That will ensure that the chicken meat is thoroughly cooked and juicy, while the skin remains incredibly crispy! Enjoy!

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