Dream Job Alert! Ferrero Is Hiring Nutella Taste Testers

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Dream Job Alert! Ferrero is Hiring Nutella Taste Testers

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If you still haven’t found your ideal career path, maybe this will spark your passion: apply to be one of the Nutella taste testers the parent company, Ferrero, is looking for.

At this point in time, I feel really tempted to empty out my apartment, say goodbye to my mom, and move to the city of Alba, Italy, where Ferrero has its headquarters. I mean, what could be better as a career choice than tasting wonderful chocolate-hazelnut spread all day and hanging out in Italy? Just think of all the Italian food you could have.

I know what you’re thinking: but I have no formal training in this field and I haven’t the faintest clue on what it means to be one of the Nutella taste testers. But worry not! Ferrero is not really looking for professionals. It’s trying to find regular consumers. People who have an honest and deep love for chocolate (and who doesn’t, really?)

Nutella taste testers: how to become one

Ferrero posted an add saying it’s looking for 60 people who like to taste sweet products to become “sensory judges”. If you’re interested, and just a fan of sweets in general, then don’t worry, you don’t have to have any sort of experience. Just having lived and loved the experience of feeling excellent chocolate melting in your mouth… Writing this is definitely turning up my cravings.

The only caveat to this dream job? You have to be willing to drop everything in your life and live in Italy for three months. But this doesn’t really sound like a caveat, either, right? Who wouldn’t love that?

Other demands of the job: that you don’t have any food allergies. And that you know how to use a computer. According to The Local, an English-language outlet based in Italy, this is the first time the company is looking for non-professional “sensory judges”.

The 60 selected will take a paid class on taste testing that lasts for three months. This is how they gain experience in developing their smell and taste and also learn terminology to describe the flavors. Whoever passes the course will be offered a long-term part-time contract with a work schedule of two hours per week, in the beginning.

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