Are You Ready for the Long-Neck Avocado? So Are We!

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Apparently, we are still not getting over our collective avocado craze. But there is a twist! A farm in Florida is growing long-neck avocados, which are basically 3-foot long fruit. 

These “babies” cost about $47 each and will be fuelling a lot of your avocado toast, for the whole family! The fruit cultivated by Miami Fruit is called Pura Vida and can weigh about 9 times as much as you regular garden-variety avocado. But you might be inclined to ask yourself how it tastes! The answer, according to one of the co-founders of Miami Fruit, is that it’s “thick, creamy, savory, and slightly sweet”. 

Not all of these long-neck avocados look the same. Some of them have a curled neck, but still long, while others grow straight.

These avocados are actually not new, the farm has been growing them for years, but they’ve recently been discovered by social media and have made quite the splash!

Where will the avocado evolve to next? We already have some giant avocados in Australia that we’d be interested in trying!

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