How Should You Drink Red Wine? a New Theory

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How should you drink red wine? A new theory.

When you have guests, and you buy a bottle of red wine, you keep it at room temperature. That’s what everybody does. But now, a wine expert turns this theory upside down, by saying that not only white wine must be kept in the freezer, but the red too. 

Until now, you knew that red wine must be served at room temperature, while white wine is better if it’s kept in the fridge. But now, a leading wine expert, Jancis Robinson, editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, says that not everything you knew till now is good.

According to, the wine expert surprised her audience at the Hay Festival in the United Kingdom, by saying that the red wine should be chilled before serving. “Put any open bottle in the fridge. Even red wine”, Jancis Robinson said.

Why should you keep red wine in the fridge?

Jancis Robinson claimed that low temperatures slow down chemical reactions including oxidation, which is the enemy of an open bottle. If this is true, then red wine in an open bottle will last longer, and it will keep its original flavor overtime.

On the other hand, the wine expert said that white wines shouldn’t be over-chilled, and some are best served at room temperature.

Another opinion

A study made by an Australian wine producer found that eight out of 10 Australians are drinking red wine at room temperature. And that’s not a good choice if you consider that temperature in Australian homes, especially in summer, range between 71 degrees F/22 degrees C and 75 degrees F/24 degrees C. So this temperature is too warm to enjoy a pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon, according to And, if you put it that way, summer is warmer in many USA states, and in Europe.

The research team who lead the study suggests putting red wines in the fridge 30 minutes before serving and taking white wines out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving them.

If you need some extra help to aerate your wine, then you can try out one of these best wine aerators. Let your wine breathe before taking that first sip. It makes all the difference.

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