Minimize Waste: What to Do With Leftover Coffee

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If you’re always lacking for time, it’s possible that you only ever drink your coffee half-way and then have to throw it out because it’s cold and much more bitter. You don’t have to do that anymore. There are tricks you can perform to bring out another side of the magic bean drink. Here’s what you can do with your leftover coffee. 

Coffee-flavored everything for me, please! As a never-recovering coffee-holic, this is probably the flavor or food item I would take with me on a deserted island, the thing I would need almost every day, the thing I would miss most (and I am kind of freaking out because the world’s coffee supply is in jeopardy).

It’s very tough for me when I make coffee in the morning and I have to leave the amazing dark and bitter liquid half-drunk in the mug because I am in a rush to get to work. I will be having more cups of coffee during the day, but I still feel a tinge of sadness when I get home in the evening and see the cold liquid that smells of lost potential.

But all that’s done with now, because I’ve realized that coffee doesn’t get wasted, it can transform into many other things! Leftover coffee can be the base or that special ingredient that makes an incredible dish, drink or dessert.

5 things to make better with leftover coffee

1. Ice coffee

When I was in Greece last summer, I developed a true addiction for iced coffee, which they had everywhere, and I had at least twice a day for two weeks. If you do the math on that… it’s a lot of coffee! But summer is coming back once again and the season for ice coffee is on. So here is what you do with those final coffee gulps: freeze them in an ice cube tray and then take them out of the fridge when you want some refreshing coffee. This trick is even better if you also freeze some milk. A few cubes of coffee, 2-3 cubes of milk, and you’re on your way to a cool-cool summer.

2. Make ice cream

Since we’re talking about summer and coolness, we definitely can’t ignore ice cream. Last week I had a huge dinner, but the only thing that could have convinced me to have dessert was the presence of coffee ice cream on my way home. I got a cone and it was simply wonderful for hot weather. So the next time you break out your ice cream maker and are looking for some inspiration, look no further than your French press or basic coffee filter mug!

3. Please make tiramisu

Is it any wonder that loving coffee has also led me to love tiramisu? Save your leftover brewed coffee for this amazing traditional Italian dessert. Its name translates roughly to “pick me up” or “cheer me up” and it’s exactly what this does for me. Every. Time. It’s made with finger biscuits, egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa powder and it’s insanely delicious!

4. Add it to your oatmeal

Coffee and breakfast in the same bowl? Yes, please! Just replace some of the water you would use to cook your oatmeal with the leftover coffee from the previous day. Just experiment with this: you can replace all of the water for maximum-coffee flavor and waking up effect, or you can only replace some of it, to get a subtle flavor going. The oats will absorb the drink and you’ll have a whole new caffeine experience. And you know what else goes nicely with coffee and oatmeal? Some cinnamon or even cardamom.

5. Use it in a marinade

Maybe this is the weirdest item on the list, but let me tell you, coffee marinade is a thing, and one you’ll definitely want to try. Steak marinated in coffee? Yes. please! Just mix the leftover coffee with some garlic, onions, soy sauce and something acidic like balsamic vinegar. It works with most meats, but a nice beef steak will benefit from it the most!

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