Better Coffee: A Few Tips for Your Home Brewing

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Better Coffee: A Few Tips for Your Home Brewing

Are you looking to make better coffee at home so that your day turns out as good as possible? We have some great tips for you, that might end up saving you a fortune in coffee on the go!

I frequently feel like the day doesn’t even exist until I have my first sip of coffee in the morning. Everything is slow and I perceive it as through a misty veil. My focus is at its lowest, and my brain just won’t start humming the day along. That’s why my first cup of Joe in the morning is of the utmost importance. If I do that right, then I’m on my way to a successful, productive day. Even during the weekends, when success and productivity mean hanging out with friends or curling up under a blanket with a good book. Better coffee is definitely key for that!

With that in my mind, how can you make your morning experience the best it can possibly be? Well, we have brewed a nice, strong batch of tips for you, let’s run through them and see how they make your coffee healthier and better tasting! Until then, you can also find out why your coffee has been tasting a bit bad when you make it!

5 tips for better coffee at home

1. Choose the best water

If you want to make better coffee than maybe tap water isn’t the best possible idea for it. For your brew to go right, try and choose the best water you have available, bottled or filtered. Of course, it depends on where you live and the chemical composition of your tap water. If you’re living near a spring, using some of that fresh water might end up being marvelous.

2. Get the right coffee beans

It’s sort of the same as the water, right? To make any great thing, you need the best ingredients. So maybe splurge a little on a fancier type of coffee, if you can. If your budget is strained right now, then maybe just don’t get the cheapest type in the store. And if you have more options, test them out in time, to make sure they’re to your liking. And buy beans, because you should…

3. Grind your own beans

Invest in a coffee grinder and then freshly grind your coffee. The one that’s ready made and you can buy already ground tends to lose a lot of aroma and freshness. It becomes stale way too quickly. The reason is that coffee beans contain volatile oils which go rancid if you grind them and don’t use them right away.

4. Make sure you add to the flavor

If you have your coffee black, sure, you might be done with the whole thing. It turns out pretty well, right? What if you want to add flavor enhancers? If milk is your thing, then choose a full-fat one. Low-fat varieties are waterier and tend to ruin your brew.

If you’re interested in diving in depth in your coffee cup, then check out these tips as well.

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