10 Useful and Time Saving Kitchen Accessories You Should Have

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Spending time in the kitchen is great, but we bet that every once in a while you wish you had the right tools to help you cook faster and more efficient. Consider the problem solved.

Here’s a list of awesome kitchen accessories that are both useful, fun to use and that are making your life easier.

Butter knife1. Butter Grating Knife

Do you even remember the number of times you’ve been frustrated trying to spread refrigerated butter on a slice of bread?! If the answer is “Too many!”, we have just the solution you were looking for: a knife that easily grates and spreads butter, regardless of how firm it is. The knife is made from stainless steel and it can easily be cleaned with dish soap or in the dishwasher. Added bonus: you can even use the knife to spread cheese and jams as well!


Meat Defrosting Tray2. Fast Meat Defrosting Tray 

It might happened a few times: you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer and now you’re left without dinner. Which means you’ll have to improvise something else that can be done fast. Well, ditch this worry, because there’s a kitchen gadget that can help you with this task: a 2-in-1 defrosting tray that can also act as a chopping board.

All you have to do is put the meat on the aluminum tray and it will defrost 9 times faster than thawing on its own. It is a better alternative to defrosting in the microwave, because the meat will remain tender and juicy. When you defrost it in the microwave, the meat tends to get tough, dry and it might get an unappetizing color. You can also use the tray to chop meat and vegetables.


Adjustable Jar Opener3. Adjustable Jar Opener

Forget about opening a jar using the sharp tip of a knife and your bare hands! You can now rely on a single efficient tool, which you place above the lid, rotate and that’s it. The jar opener can be adjusted for lids between 3 to 9,5 cm in diameter. It is compact and easy to store. Perfect to use for senior or people that suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Flower-shaped box4. Flower Shaped Storage Box

With 10 expandable storage compartments, this flower shaped box allows you to safely keep together all your favorite snacks, such as: nuts, seeds, dry fruits or candies. It is beautifully crafted, so it will make a great addition to your kitchen decor. You can also take it to family gatherings, parties or when you visit a friend and want to bring some delicious snacks with you.


Vegetable Cutter and Slicer5. Multi-function Vegetable Cutter and Slicer 

Stop wasting money on ready cut fruits and veggies at the supermarket. Invest in this amazing vegetable cutter and slicer machine instead. The only thing you have to do is place the vegetables into the bin and rotate the handle. Afterwards, you’ll get freshly cut vegetables in all sizes and shapes, without wasting any part of the vegetables.


Spatula & Tongs Combo6. 2-in-1 Spatula and Tongs Combo

Cooking usually means using plenty of dishes, pans, pots and of course, plates. How about if we told you there’s a simpler way to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner without using so many plates? Meet the 2-in-1 spatula and tongs combo, which acts both as a tong and as a spatula, helping you catch and mix more easily. As you can see, there’s no need for multiple kitchen accessories when cooking – this one that does pretty much everything!


Kitchen Shears7. Multi-Blade Kitchen Scissor

Slice vegetables 5 times faster than before, with this amazing multi-blade scissor! Scalions, rosemary, celery, carrots, different types of herbs – all of these can be cut easier and faster thanks to this gadget with stainless steel blades, a fashionable green handle that can be easily cleaned with a soft brush. Perfect for home use or in bars or restaurants.


Corn Peeler8. Corn Peeler

This accessory helps you peel your corn in a matter of seconds. It has a plastic corn catcher on the upper side, so you can collect the grains while you peel. The gadget does not require batteries to work.


Fish Scale Remover9. Fish Scale Remover Brush

You like fishing? If so, you probably don’t like cleaning fish scales as much as you like catching them. How about instead of using a traditional knife to remove the fish scales, you would try this fish skinner? It works like a brush and removes the scales rapidly. Also, the scales are collected in a closed compartment, so that your kitchen table remains all clear in the process.


Shrimp Peeler10. Shrimp Peeler

Are you a fan of seafood and especially shrimps? Peel them more easily using this kitchen gadget. Simply hold the shrimp with the rounded part facing up and tail facing away from you, then insert the closed tip of the shrimp peel into the shell and gently push until it comes out near the tail. Then press the handle until the shrimp and shell separate. Finally, don’t forget to rinse the shrimp in cold water.

We hope you’ll find these kitchen accessories useful and you’ll give them a try. We’re sure that as soon as you’ll discover how easy to use and efficient these gadgets are, you won’t be able to imagine your time in the kitchen without them.


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