Homemade: What You Should Stop Buying at the Store

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Have you ever looked at the labels for the products you’re putting in your shopping cart? Spoiler alert! There’s usually a few substances with weird names which don’t bode well for your stopping lifestyle. The good news is that you can definitely make all of those items at home! Here’s what you should stop buying at the grocery store.

A healthy eating lifestyle means so many things these days, but there is one thing you can do above all others: be very hands on! Get involved in your kitchen so that you know that whatever it is you’re cooking has the best possible ingredients and no weird and damaging ingredients. So what’s the easiest way to know what you’re putting in your mouth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Cooking everything yourself. You can start on the art of cooking your own essential items and in the process, stop buying at the grocery store.

And you know what the bonus advantage is? Everything you make at home will most likely be more cost-effective homemade. Not to mention more sustainable. Think about all of the plastic containers you’re left with after you finish a bottle of ketchup, for instance. If you start making all of the things you stop buying at the grocery store, you will be left with a smaller carbon footprint and stop contributing to the pollution of the world with different plastic single-use items.

Most of the things on this list will fit nicely in glass jars you probably already have, not to mention that the sight of jars with homemade items and homemade tags will be a more pleasant and satisfying one, every day. After the visual satisfaction comes the flavor: which is much much better when you customize your own creation.

Homemade: What You Should Stop Buying at the Store
Flavors are so much better for items that you make yourself, at home, with quality ingredients.

5 food items you can stop buying at the store

1. Condiments

Love to cover everything in ketchup? Do you love a mayonnaise-based dip for your French fries? Worry not, they’re not that hard to make at home! And instead of the bottled consistency, with its processed taste, you will get to make your own, with the texture of your dreams. Don’t buy garlic mayonnaise either, because it tastes nothing like garlic!

Try our simple mayonnaise recipe which uses only ingredients you probably already have in your pantry: eggs and oil, plus a squeeze of lemon juice and some mustard. The store-bought and homemade don’t even compare! The only hitch in the plan is that homemade mayonnaise doesn’t keep as long as the store-bought one. But let’s get real: you will probably finish it in no time.

When it comes to ketchup, the bottled one is always going to have an insane amount of sugar. You can totally override that and keep yourself healthy by making your own. Tomatoes are sweet enough, we promise!

2. Frosting

Homemade frosting keeps for a long time if you freeze it, which means that your time investment won’t be too severe. Plus, it’s endlessly customizable thanks to natural dies and shapes. Here is how you can make a basic buttercream to get you started. But there’s also a simple way to make frosting, from marshmallows, that is just as effective! Either way, there are so many flavors to bring to it and enrich it, as long as you create the base for such a wonderful… painting.

3. Spreads

Hummus is super-in right now and everyone should learn how to make it. There’s not too much fuss involved in the process. And chickpeas, part of the pulse family, are incredibly satisfying. They’re low fat, low sodium foods, and they’re rich in iron, protein, and folate. If you’re trying to wean yourself off meat, know that they can also serve as a meat alternative. Homemade hummus like this one tends to be creamier and much more flavorful than store-bought one. Honestly, having a bland chickpea mash might have turned me off hummus for good if I hadn’t cooked my own.

Also, nut butters are a great investment of your time. They tend to be pretty expensive and when you make them at home you can give them the smooth or chunky consistency you desire. Peanut butter and almond butter for everyone, because they’re a really healthy snack!

Homemade: What You Should Stop Buying at the Store
You can make spreads with mostly anything, even beetroot. And it’s delicious!

4. Breadcrumbs and croutons

There’s no reason to actually go and buy breadcrumbs from the store when you’re planning on making something extra crispy on top like some batter chicken or schnitzel. If you have day old bread, the process of making your own breadcrumbs is so simple that it will take you less than going to the grocery store. This works even if you have fresh bread – just lightly toast it and then get to smashing it to bits. If you’ve had a frustrating day, it helps with your emotions, too!

5. Whipped cream

Homemade whipped cream is lighter and fluffier than store-bought one. Not to mention that it’s not as sickeningly sweet. And it doesn’t take much to whip up that wonderful topping for cakes and pies. You need a chilled bowl, a whisk, and some energy! You can add as much sugar as you’re comfortable with, and some extra flavor like vanilla or rum.

Homemade: What You Should Stop Buying at the Store
Homemade whipped cream is lighter and fluffier than store-bought one.

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