Plants-Only Diet – How Would It Affect You?

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Plants-Only Diet - How Would It Affect You?

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Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest kinds of food, right? That might be true, but they alone will never make a successful meal plan. But how would a plants-only diet affect you? The answers are intriguing.

When you decide to finally clean up your act and let go of a lot of the bad food you’ve been wolfing down like there’s no tomorrow, sometimes it’s tempting to go to the extreme. Take me, for instance. The first time I decided that a regimen of daily shawarma ‘with everything’ as a topping, plus a huge glass of Coke was not the best lifestyle to have, I wanted to do something as healthy as possible. As if I could offset all of the damaging things I had done to my body just like that.

So what did I do? I decided that the way to go is just to eat fruits and vegetables for every meal and that would make me the healthiest person in the world. I’m still very happy that I shared my intentions with some people who gently steered me away from the crazy place. Turns out that it’s so much better to make tiny changes at first, get used to them, and add a bit more changes. So, what I did was focus on dropping soda from my shopping basket, eating less bread and just integrating more fruits and vegetables with everything else.

A plants-only diet would have numerous effects on your body. Here are some of them!

Plants-Only Diet - How Would It Affect You?
While fruits and veggies are super healthy for you, they are not enough for a good diet.

4 effects of a plants-only diet

Negative: Less energy

You do need carbs in your life for energy and having a plants-only diet will practically ensure that you’ll feel weaker and low-energy all the time. And that doesn’t sound so great, does it? If you don’t have any sort of grains, seeds, nuts, and oils in your food, how are you supposed to keep up with a busy and stressful lifestyle? Sure, you can have an avocado for the necessary fat, but how many avocados can you actually eat before you get bored?

Positive: Reduce Inflammation

Meat, dairy, and processed foods tend to spike your inflammation levels, which in turns leads to a whole host of health issues. It’s true, if you only had fruits and vegetables, you would have less risk of dealing with atherosclerosis, heart issues, strokes, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Fruits and veggies are high in fiber and antioxidants, which help protect your body.

Negative: You lose out on nutrients

If you only eat fruits and vegetables, then your body will lack the means to absorb key vitamins and minerals. So, what would you miss out on? Well, you have a pretty good chance of having an iron deficiency because iron from vegetables like spinach and leafy foods contain other substances that tend to block the absorption of the mineral.

Positive: Less bloating

Do you usually feel bloated after a meal? It might be because you consume way too many dairy products and also grains. It depends on your particular metabolism and the way your body is built. Some people are more affected by this, while some can metabolize those items pretty well. But also, you should make sure that you can digest the sugar molecules in fruits and veggies, or you won’t get rid of bloating after all.

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