3 Simple Ways to Get an Energy Boost Every Day

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If you’re feeling tired all the time and desperately need an energy boost, there are some ways you can help your body achieve that. 

These days I’m feeling exhausted. All. The. Time. And it’s hard to go to work and have a life while this is happening because we all have a limited energy level. And we all have a potential for this, dictated by our genes and our age. And if we include SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder in this, fall means an even steeper drop of our energy levels. That means we have to come out swinging and try to get as much energy for us as possible.

Rule number 1: try to sleep as much and as well as you can, because that is still the most important way your energy replenishes. But food can also help you do that, and not only certain foods but also certain food habits.

3 tips for an energy boost

1. Have a great breakfast

We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s where a lot of our energy to go out there and do things comes from. But it’s also important what kind of breakfast we have. You need some good protein in the morning and to go easy on carbs, even the good carbs. So eggs are always a very good option for breakfast and you can always switch up the ways you cook them. Also, try some plant-based protein. It’s not a coincidence that English breakfast has beans in it, even though that seems gross to me. Hummus and smoked salmon work as well.

2. Eat homemade food

As convenient as it might be to get takeout or have store-bought snacks, there is nothing that beats homemade food. Because sandwiches and other things you might buy ready-made are overly processed and that is really not healthy. Eating sugar and saturated fats will lower your energy tank, not give you a boost.

3. Don’t eat right before bed

I mentioned already that sleep is important. And you know what? Getting a good night’s sleep is going to prove difficult if you’re eating prior to putting your head on your pillow. Try to take a few hours of not eating anything before bed so that your body is not digesting and your appetite hormones are not making any trouble for you.

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