Wine Party Tips: How to Make the Most of It

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Sometimes, there comes a certain age when you feel more like doing fancy things (though it’s not mandatory). Hosting a wine party can be an idea to switch things up. But if it’s your first time, here are some tips & tricks.

When can you be considered an adult? It’s hard to answer that question, isn’t it? There are rites of passage but I don’t think there’s one moment where you can say that. I still love to be lazy all day and play video games, while some of my errands aren’t being run. But are there adult things to do, even if you aren’t very good at adulting just yet? I feel like a wine party has a certain air of maturity about it. And it seems fancy.

If you need to feel like a grown up sometimes, then organizing a wine party is a very good way to offer yourself that experience and feel like a bit of evolution is happening in your life. But what are the main things you should know about that? Let’s get to it and see!

Wine Party Tips: How to Make the Most of It
A cheese and fruit board is the perfect partner for wine.

4 tips for throwing a fancy wine party

1. Get some wine

Haha, yes, this seems very on the nose. But it’s a must, isn’t it? If you don’t know that much about wine, then maybe you can do a wine tasting class – that will always come in handy for you. In lieu of that, you can always ask for help from shopkeepers. Oh, and you don’t have to get something too expensive. This can be a huge investment. Better yet, ask your guests to bring one of their favorite wines as well, BYOB this!

2. Get the right accessories

You will need the right glasses, special for red wine and white wine and make sure you have the exact number of guests. Get a couple as backup as well, just in case there are butterfingers in the lot of them. Don’t forget about corkscrews, decanters if you want to go the extra mile, and also some temporary corks.

Wine Party Tips: How to Make the Most of It

3. Pair everything with the right food

Remember, everybody will be drinking at this party, right? This means that you should plan your food thoroughly so that nobody gets sick. That would ruin the whole affair, wouldn’t it? People need to eat so that they have something in their stomachs to absorb the alcohol. You could create a whole dinner, with seats and place-setting. But that could prove to be overly complicated.

What I usually do is just prepare some entrees and the best kind for a wine party is a cheese board. Find out how to create the perfect one right here. A cheese board will give your guests some bite-sized snacks to nibble on in between sips. But make sure that you know what kind of diets your friends are on. You might need a vegan option.

4. Ambiance

This depends on you and your lot of friends. Choose some nice background music for your party, something that is not very intrusive and encourages conversation. It’s nice when people get a bit tipsy and uninhibited and you want them to be able to connect and hear each other when that happens, right?

And also make sure that the lighting isn’t very blinding. Make things a bit intimate by dimming the lights, using lamps or even candlelight, if you have enough of that. And most importantly, have fun!

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