There Is a Black Market of Stolen Restaurant Props From Disneyland’s New Star Wars Land

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If you weren’t one of the first to check out Disneyland’s new Star Wars-themed land, you’ll be unhappy to know that those who did go, have ruined it for everyone else.

There is a black market for Star Was Galaxy’s Edge items, as the Orange County Register recently brought to light. Guests have stolen pretty much any mundane prop they could get their hands on and put it up on reseller websites.

If you’re wondering why I said they’ve ruined it for everyone else, well, Disneyland stopped putting out a lot of the little detailed props that were being stolen and sold online.

Example No. 1 being metal sporks that were a part of the dishware at the Docking Bay 7restaurant. The sporks, along with other silverware, were accessible for guests to eat their delicious Fried Endorian Tip-Yip or Felucian Garden Spread.

Little did they know that patrons were going to be swiping these bad boys and peddle them for over $150 and even up to $250 when added to a bundle.

Those nifty little sporks can no longer be found at Docking Bay 7, as Disneyland has stopped putting out the silverware for these thieves to profit from.

They’ve even stopped handing out menus at Docking Bay 7, since everyone is swiping them as well.

Spork being used at Oga’s Cantina/ Constantine Spyrou

Oga’s Cantina has plenty of resale items of its own on the market, as people are taking the menus and reselling those also.

While you are allowed to take home those nifty drink mugs, for a $45 price tag, you can understand why one would want to get their money back from it.

The beer flight is also an item that sold out for the summer and is in high demand because of it. The flight kit sold for $75 retail, and is being resold on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp for as much as $199.

The menus are monitored a little better here, as our own Constantine Spyrou said the restaurant only provides one menu per party, making it a little hard to sneak out with one.

You’d think the Stormtroopers guarding the land would catch someone running out with a 2-foot wooden beer flight, or let’s say an entire TIN SIGN, but no.

One of the Galaxy’s Edge items that seems to be popping up the most in searches is the drink coaster in Oga’s.

As of this writing, the coasters are still being put out for customers to use, and are probably the most disposable items in the restaurant.

Accessibility isn’t stopping people from putting them up for sale and trying to make a quick buck, though.

If you’re wondering if Disney even cares about these unauthorized souvenir flips, they absolutely do.

A similar problem arose back in December 2018, as Disneyland started cracking down on annual passholders who were reselling souvenirs by revoking their passes and banning them for a year, according to the OC Register.

The park-goers who got banned weren’t even selling stolen items, like some of the people above. They were instead flipping everyday souvenirs you can buy at the park. Of course, with it being proprietary Disney merch, they still see re-selling as a no-no.

With hundreds of Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs on eBay, you’ve gotta believe that Disneyland is going to start cracking the whip on those resellers, too.

Like Mobb Deep said, “Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks,” and if all these Disneyland thieves are willing to do the crime, they can’t be surprised if Disneyland brings the hammer down on them.

Hopefully Disney does respond to these folks, and brings back some of the little park props it has currently removed. With less than a month of being open, the rest of us common folk deserve the same experience that the early bird visitors all had a chance to enjoy.

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