Fish Riceburger

How can you make a burger healthier? First, you can try a gluten-free approach and replace the bun with 2 rice cakes, which you can easily make on your own by following our instructions. As for the meat, fish fillet is a very good option, adding its special flavor into the mix. You can also add avocado, arugula, and some fiery hot chili sauce!

Chicken Noodle Stir-Fry

Want to enjoy a quick meal tonight? Then we highly recommend this noodle recipe. It’s got everything you need: chicken breast, cabbage and noodles cooked with soy sauce and honey. If you want to bring some new flavors, add a few orange slices and a few almond flakes for a bit of crunch.

Chicken Nuggets in Sweet Tomato Sauce

Chicken nuggets are one of those things you’ve had over and over. They never go out of style! But maybe sometimes they become a routine event. Change things up a little by trying our take. And then make this sweet sauce with ketchup, honey, and a few sesame seeds sprinkled over for good measure.

Chicken With Rice Noodles and Peanuts

Want something fast, full of flavor, but not too much of an effort? In this case, this recipe is just the thing for you. You just need to stir-fry some chicken thighs with onion and garam masala. Add some rice noodles and peanuts alongside the chicken, flavor everything with soy sauce and you can spend the rest of the evening having fun out of the kitchen!

Creamy White Radish Soup

Also known as daikon, white radish primarily grows in East Asia. Its taste is milder than the sharp flavor of the common radish. It also has a lot of health benefits, including compounds which prevent certain types of cancer, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body. We recommend serving it in a soup, next to some onion, garlic and tomato sauce!

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