Cherry Tomatoes and Tuna Penne

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 25 minutes
  • 2 servings

If you’re running out of ideas for a quick and simple dinner, we have you covered for tonight and many more nights to come. Use canned tuna from your pantry, add cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, veggies, and a bit of chili paste to spice things up. Hunger go away, while satisfaction is here to stay!

Ingredients Needed for Cherry Tomatoes and Tuna Penne

    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    ½ onion, chopped
    ¼ red bell pepper, chopped
    ¼ yellow bell pepper, chopped
    6 ounces of dried penne
    ½ cup vegetable stock
    ½ cup tomato sauce
    1 teaspoon chili paste
    6 ounces of canned tuna
    6 cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves

How to Make Cherry Tomatoes and Tuna Penne

  1. Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and cook it until translucent.
  2. Add the bell peppers, the dried pasta, and pour the vegetable stock. Bring it to a slightly boil and add the tomato sauce, and the chili paste.
  3. Simmer the pasta until they are cooked.
  4. Add the canned tuna and stir thoroughly. Add the cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme and cook the pasta for 2 more minutes.
  5. You can serve the pasta with fresh parmesan on top!

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