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The People’s Favorite Grocery Store: Can You Guess It?

The People’s Favorite Grocery Store: Can You Guess Which One It Is? Fairfax, United States - November 30, 2016: Wegmans grocery store facade and sign with people and Christmas wreath decorations

A new survey talked to 12,800 Americans about their grocery shopping preferences. The results? Most of them said their favorite grocery store is Wegmans.

What’s your favorite grocery store and is it this one? The one that was just named by Market Force the grocery store chain that Americans love the most, for the third time in a row? We’re talking about Wegmans, a place that seems to have a very stable spot in the hearts of grocery shoppers everywhere. The survey, conducted on way over 12,000 people, revealed that Americans love Wegmans the most! And that’s interesting since the grocery store chain is mostly located in the Northeastern part of the country.

Favorite grocery store runners-up

Market Force compiled the collected data into a composite loyalty index. Wegmans clients are 77 percent loyal to it, while the next ranked favorite grocery store chain was Publix, with a 76 percent loyalty index. Last year, Wegmans ranked tied to Publix for first place, but we guess that this year, it just mildly raced ahead.

Trader Joe placed third in the preference of the people who were involved in the survey. The chain wasn’t that far behind either, with people being loyal to it 75 percent. Trader Joe used to be the favorite grocery store of Americans until Wegmans started its domination in 2016. But this particular chain did rank the highest in the fastest checkout lines and the friendliest cashiers category.

So, what were the people asked? Market Force wanted to know how fast the checkout lines are, the level of cleanliness of the stores (and maybe how close to godliness it is?) and if they always find what they need on the shelves. Wegmans didn’t rank first in all of these categories, but apparently, its customers were the most loyal. The fans were very into the fresh produce, friendly customer service, and good prices.

But, according to the research, it all comes down to that old adage: ‘It’s all about location, location, location’. Customers are usually loyal to a grocery store because it tends to be more accessible to them.


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