Hot Cocktails to Lift Up Your Spirits During the Holidays

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Winter is here, at least in one hemisphere of the Earth, which means we need all the help we can get warming ourselves up. And what can be better than combining two warming methods: hot drinks and alcohol (consumed in moderation, obviously), so that we can get to some amazing hot cocktails? 

When I was in Greece, recently, it was a bit warmer than where I usually live, but still pretty cold. Not to mention that the place I was staying in had a small heating problem and it was practically perpetually freezing and even colder than it was outside. So, my friend and I went to get some hot alcoholic drinks to warm up. And it turned out great. We had rakomelo, which I am going to tell you how to make it a second and I definitely was not cold for the next few hours.

But there are other options, of course, and I am going to go through them right now, so that you know what kind of spiked warm drinks you can have during this holiday season, to keep you warm and relaxed. Spoiler alert: you will soon find out that cinnamon is king and queen, and probably all of the royal court.

5 hot cocktails to try this winter

1. Hot apple cider

This is a bit lighter, but every bit the relaxing and warming drink you need during cold winter nights. Warm up the cider and add your favorite spices to it. Of course, cinnamon is always a favorite. You can also add some anise, cloves, and a bit of citrus to pump up the flavor in the best way.

And you can also make your own slow-cooker apple cider at home, following our recipe!

2. Rakomelo

Rakomelo is the thing I had in Greece and it was pretty much amazing. It’s also used as a digestif and a remedy for a sore throat (but take that with a grain of salt, since alcohol tends to further irritate sore throats). How can you make it? Just buy some spirits like raki or tsipouro. I love tsipouro so I always have some at home. You can make it by warming up the spirits, and adding some honey, cinnamon, and cloves. You can have it as a shot or just something you sip little by little. I do promise that it’s divine.

3. Mulled wine

Mulled wine is definitely one of the oldest hot alcoholic drinks out there and for me, it’s always a pleasure to have it during the cold season. There are plenty of varieties out there and things you can add to it to make it absolutely delicious and develop a sophisticated flavor profile.

Hot Cocktails to Lift Up Your Spirits During the Holidays
Mulled wine is guaranteed to make a frozen evening feel so much better.

4. Spiked coffee

Coffee + alcohol definitely = Love. Yeah, this is probably my favorite equation, and I was pretty good at advanced math back in my day. You can spike your favorite coffee with some nice, warming alcohol, for a product that makes everything hotter but also keeps you alert and enjoying yourself, no matter where you are. So what kind of things can you add to it? Coffee goes great with rum, bourbon, but also sweeter things like coffee or pumpkin liqueur. The results are guaranteed to be fabulous. Sprinkle some cinnamon there as well and you have something to die for.

5. Spiked hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is something I usually long for after a day of walking through the snow or the frozen treacherous urban landscape. But you know what makes a nice mug of hot chocolate with some milk and marshmallows even better? You guessed it, a bit of alcohol. The pumpkin or coffee or any kind of liqueur represents here as well. But you can also add a bit of rum to it, if you fancy that. And the evening just gets more warming and relaxed. It’s sort of like magic!

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