Beach Foods – What to Snack on While Sunbathing

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We think that literally everybody with a body has a beach body ready for the beach. But we’re also into being comfortable while lying on the hot sand or swimming in the ocean. Or a lake. That’s why beach foods are important: because they keep you feeling comfortable and having fun.

Whenever we went to the beach together, my mom always monitored what I eat and how much. It was annoying, and I found it nagging at the time, but I have to say that I understand it now. Because I was so obsessed with swimming all the time and I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet and spread my arms in the waves, she was worried that I would get sick from my stomach and something bad would happen to me. Well, at one point they did think that I’d drowned, but that’s a story for another time.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to feel heavy or bloated when you’re trying to enjoy your time at the beach with your friends. Heavy food, under the hot rays of the sun, or while trying to play volleyball or football, is quite the no-no. But these items, which we’re calling ideal beach foods, will keep you alert, full, and bursting with energy.

7 beach foods to take with you

1. Bananas

This wonderful fruit is full of health benefits. But one of the most important nutrients in it is potassium. Thanks to this mineral, bananas and other potassium-rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and oranges, help you feel full without getting bloated. Because feeling bloated is supremely uncomfortable and you don’t need that when you’re trying to have fun. Potassium is almost like an antidote for sodium, which makes your body retain water and keep bloating alive. So, try to stay away from salty foods.

If you buy too many bananas and they get too ripe, here is what you can make with them.

Beach Foods – What to Snack on While Sunbathing
Bananas are the ideal snack for the beach thanks to their nutrients.

2. Kefir yogurt

We’ve already talked about probiotic-rich foods and how they help improve your digestion. Well, thanks to those good bacteria found in your gut, kefir yogurt is one of those beach foods we recommend wholeheartedly. Of course, only take it with you if you have an icebox of any kind, to keep it fresh and refreshingly chill!

If you feel like going the extra mile, add some nuts, berries, or oats to it and have a great meal!

3. Grilled vegetables

Why not take some grilled mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, and onions with you to the beach? They’re loaded with fiber, which means that you’ll feel satisfied for a long while and that your digestion will be in ship-shape. That will keep you from having any snacks full of salt, sugars and other additives. And the other nutrients in the veggies will boost your mood and energy levels, to make sure you have a fun day at the beach.

4. Salmon

Yeah, salmon works for all kinds of occasions, from cookouts, fancy dinners, but also lunch at the beach. Hear me out here. Salmon is a type of fish loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which has plenty of benefits for your health. But the one that really applies here is the fact that it helps fight inflammation so that you won’t feel bloated when you’re ready to frolic in the water with your friends.

Salmon is also rich in lean protein, which keeps you satisfied and sustains your body in quite a healthy way, without being cumbersome. And it helps protect your skin while being exposed to UV rays.

Beach Foods – What to Snack on While Sunbathing
Salmon helps fight inflammation so that you won’t feel bloated when you’re ready to swim.

5. Chicken

If you want to have some other type of protein while on the beach, then go for chicken and leave all kinds of processed foods behind. What you want to avoid is everything loaded with nitrates, like hot dogs. And that’s because nitrates make you feel heavy in your own body and lead you to Bloat-Town, Population You.

So, grill some chicken and either pair it with a grilled veggie side, or some whole wheat bread and make a sandwich. And please, enjoy your day at the beach!

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