Reach Out and Touch Them: Great Foods for Skin Care

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Reach Out and Touch Them: Great Foods for Skin Care.

Taking care of your skin is a two-fold process. On the one hand, eating the right kind of food is very important. On the other hand, there are great foods for skin care which you can apply on your face and body. The results are pretty awesome!

One of the first moments I realized that food is not only for eating was when I saw my grandmother put some cucumber peels on her face while cooking a nice salad. That’s when I realized that the nutritious elements in some foods can actually help with your skin. Because we aren’t only what we eat, but also what we put on our skin.

And why would most of the things we put on our skin be created in a laboratory when there are natural items that work just as well or even better? The following are great foods for skin care that can help your beauty and your body: on the inside and the outside. These will counterbalance all of those chemicals we tend to rely on, like make-up, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

7 great foods for skin care

1. Coconut oil

We’ve already written extensively on coconut oil and its numerous beauty benefits. But we can recap here, in a (coco)nutshell. Coconut oil is pretty loaded with antioxidants, it’s super hydrating, it has antifungal and restorative properties. You can use it at will if you have dry or sensitive skin. And all you have to do is scoop some from the jar and spread the goodness all over your face. You can also use it on your hair, nails, and lips. That’s a lot of benefits for a single product!

Scoop some coconut oil from the jar and spread the goodness all over your face.

2. Oats

Open your medicine cabinet and check your beauty products. I am pretty sure some of them will have oatmeal as one of the ingredients. It helps soothe irritated skin and also reduce inflammation of your complexion thanks to its mix of flavonoids, phenols, and also a type of polyphenols called avenanthramides. The top use for them? Ground them and add them to a face mask. Pair them with some creamy, soothing honey, which just so happens to be our next item on the list.

3. Honey

I know, I know, it’s the stickiest thing ever, and when I spread honey on a sandwich I eat very carefully because the sticky sensation makes me cringe. And yet, even I can’t deny the restorative properties of honey. It helps your skin absorb moisture and then keep it in. That property is called being a humectant, by the way. Some types of honey are antibacterial, which helps with acne. If you’re suffering from that, check out these foods that help with acne.

Honey helps your skin absorb moisture and then keep it in.

4. Avocado

This fatty and delicious fruit is one of the great foods for skin care. It’s going to nurture your face to complete pleasure. You can mash it and then apply wherever you feel you need moisture. Its healthy fats encourage your skin to regenerate. If you don’t like the idea of mashing avocado and putting it on your face instead of making a nice guac, you have options! Try some avocado oil, which your skin will absorb easily. And it will end up moisturized and glow with health. Use it especially if your skin is sun-sensitive, sun-damaged, or just plain dry.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Back in the day, in my parents’ house, we always had a bottle of apple cider vinegar on hand. My mom used it to rinse my hair after washing it with shampoo and conditioner. I remember the prickly smell and it always gives me good vibes. Apple cider vinegar works on your skin, too. It contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids which, put plainly, are great for cleaning. They help wash away dead skin cells, dirt, grime, and dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar also works as a natural toner. It helps shrink pores when you apply it to your face. All you have to do is first dilute it with some water and then use a wipe to apply it to your face. You’ll see instantly that your face will feel refreshed. Plus, vinegar keeps mosquitoes away, a useful tool in the summer.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural toner.

6. Turmeric

This awesomely colored spice has a lot of superpowers: it’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and astringent. All you want for your skin and more. It makes curries taste amazing, but it also smooths out your skin and keeps wrinkles away. It actually has regenerative powers, too. So, if you have acne scars, turmeric will help reduce them. But first, a disclaimer: don’t add it directly to your skin, because it might stain it. Dilute it with oil and then apply it to your gorgeous face.

7. Cocoa

The risk for this following food is that you will want to eat your face mask. I will take that chance, though! Cocoa is also one of the great foods for skin care. The caffeine in it helps make your skin firmer. While the antioxidants in the same cocoa protect your complexion from free radical damage. How do you use it? Mix it with some essential oils, whichever you prefer, and rub it on your face. You can also use it as a body scrub – maybe you need firmer skin in other places, too. Just add some granulated sugar.


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