Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Next time you get your hands on some apricots, maybe turn them into ice cream. Apart from the time your apricot ice cream mixture needs to spend in the freezer, preparing it is a 10-minute job. You mix, you, wait, and then you eat and enjoy.

Gin tonic with cucumber and strawberries

Gin Tonic With Cucumber and Strawberries

When you say “cocktails,” the first thing it comes to mind is fruit, not veggies. Ok, maybe you think Bloody Mary or something like that, but on the whole, a cocktail is rather fruity than… veggy, right? Now, meet the new kid on the block: the cucumber. It is responsible for that fresh feeling in your drink. And it looks nice!

Watermelon and mint lemonade

Watermelon and Mint Lemonade

Summer is with us again and here you have one of our solutions to the scorching heat. Not to mention it is tasty and energizing. Just upgrade your plain-jane lemonade with orange and watermelon. And we’re talking about a lot of watermelon juice. And there you have your upgraded lemonade, or should we say melonade?

Safe sex on the beach (mocktail)

Safe Sex on the Beach (Mocktail)

There are a lot of variations to the glorious Sex on the Beach cocktail. And this mocktail of ours hits the same spot. So, it has zero alcohol and brings together the sweet ‘n mildly sour taste of orange juice, lime, and strawberry with lavender aroma and sweet grenadine. It’s totally safe! Just pay attention to the sand…

10 Grilled Dishes to Try on Your Cookout this Summer

10 Grilled Dishes to Try on Your Cookout This Summer

The summer is long and hot and the prime time for firing up that BBQ. But what to cook on it, do you ask? We have some excellent grilled dishes ideas for you. Try them one by one and don’t forget to invite your friends, too! 

Pina Colada Ice Cream

Pina Colada Ice Cream

Pina Colada is Puerto Rico’s gift to the world. The name means „strained pineapple”, but there’s more to the cocktail than fruit. For instance, some coconut! You can make all your summer evenings exciting by turning Pina Colada into ice cream. The best news? It doesn’t even have any dairy.

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