Valentine's Day

Fried Green Bananas

Green bananas are smaller and sweeter than the other types. They are perfect for making desserts. Roll them in brown sugar, wrap them in rice paper and deep fry them. Serve with ice cream and chocolate for a very satisfying dessert experience.

Cherry and Cognac Sorbet

Cherry and Cognac Sorbet

Just look at this cherry and cognac sorbet! Do you need more reasons to make it, beyond the picture? Well, we’ll give you more anyway: it’s one hundred per cent made with amazing ingredients like cherries, agave syrup, and a splash of cognac.

Chocolate-Covered Date Pops

If you want to keep a healthy diet, take dates into consideration. They’re a natural health booster, being rich in fiber, magnesium, and vitamins. Today we’re using them in a wonderful dessert. Minced, covered with chocolate, and served on a stick, they make for really eye-catching pops. And they’re delicious also!

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