meat alternatives

A chicken salad featuring slices of Believer Meat.

The Future of Meat

The meat industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in the recent years with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies that aim to revolutionize meat production. Let’s delve into what we know about each of these groundbreaking advancements.

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Meat alternatives are just like meat

Taste the Future

Food from thin air? Cultured pork? Yes, this is the future, please have a seat. More “fake” meat Only a few days ago, Impossible Foods unveiled its new plant-based meat replacement at CES 2020. Just like the plant-based fake beef in Impossible Burger, the pork variety relies on soy as a protein source, but it

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Non-meat burger

Vegan Burgers Are Legal Again

As some of you might know, an Arkansas law makes it illegal for companies to use words like “burger,” “sausage,” and “roast” to describe products that are not made from meat. As a result, veggie burgers – even modified by qualifiers such as “vegan,” “veggie,” or “plant-based” – are deemed illegal. Well, not anymore. A

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