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3-Color Mozzarella Sandwich

3-Color Mozzarella Sandwich

If you have nothing against using food coloring, then go ahead and bring some color to your sandwiches. Something tells us that kids and teenagers will appreciate the new look.

Jack In The Box Is Offering a Massive 4x4 Chicken Sandwich -

Jack in the Box Is Offering a Massive 4×4 Chicken Sandwich

If you were a fan of Jack In The Box’s “Really Big Chicken Sandwich,” you’re gonna be stoked to know that they’ve doubled up on the patties. The sandwich usually comes with two patties, and guests now have the opportunity to add another patty to make it a triple, or even a “Quad” with four […]

Lamb Mince Ciabatta Sandwich

Lamb Mince Ciabatta Sandwich

This time let’s use ciabatta buns for our sandwiches. That’s why we’ll use olive oil to pan-cook the onion. The main ingredient will be the lamb mince. Also have ready some French fries, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato slices, and arugula. These guys will put you on your feet for the rest of the day.

Sandwich Cake

Explore Your Limits With These Giant Sandwiches

Super, uber, giant, ginormous, Big Bang, or Godzilla are all terms pertaining to these sandwich recipes. What you’ll find is decadence, scrumptiousness, and limit testing. If you’re seriously thinking about eating one of these giant sandwiches all by yourself, that is. Gulp … You can share it with others, though. For these giant sandwiches, you’ll […]

Surprisingly, Popeyes Has Never Had A Chicken Sandwich, Until Now -

Surprisingly, Popeyes Has Never Had a Chicken Sandwich, Until Now

In a new case of the Mandela Effect, where one believes something existed through the power of false memories, we bring you the fact that Popeyes Chicken has never had an official chicken sandwich on its menu. I know you’re probably thinking back right now, saying to yourself, “Bullshit. I know I’ve had a Popeyes […]

Egg in a Hole Sandwich

8 Sandwich Recipes to Charge Your Batteries in the Morning

Everybody likes a tasty sandwich every once in a while, right? Be they hamburgers, grilled sandwiches, hot dogs, or what have you, people tend to be fond of this no-brainer dish. We’ll carry you through some sandwich recipes that are meant to be eaten in the morning. It is a widely accepted opinion that breakfast […]

KFC's Buzzworthy Cheetos Sandwich Is Coming To Stores Nationwide -

KFC’s Buzzworthy Cheetos Sandwich Is Coming to Stores Nationwide

Just a few months after their test of the hypeworthy collab went viral, KFC and Cheetos are officially bringing their fried chicken collab to the masses. Starting July 1st, the Cheetos Sandwich will be coming to KFC restaurants for a limited time. Just like it was in the tests, this version will contain fried chicken, a pile […]

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Arugula

Pulled Pork Sandwiches With Arugula

If you want these sandwiches on your table, you’ll have to be patient. In order to get this flavorful and tender pulled pork, you must marinate the meat for 2 hours, pan-sear it, then slow cook it for another 4 hours. Finally, when you assemble your sandwiches top the meat with refreshing arugula. All in all, it is worth the wait, believe us.