Vegan Pasta With Garlic and Wild Garlic Sauce

Sweet Cereal Bars With Nuts, Seeds, and Honey

Potato Cream Soup With Broccoli Chunks

Broccoli and Cauliflower Cream Soup

Spinach Cream Soup

Brown Mushroom Puree

Green Smoothie With Almond Milk

Hot and Spicy Lemon Pickle

Baked Beetroot With Kale and Lentils

Cream Cheese and Red Bean-Stuffed Bell Peppers With Tomato Sauce

Hot Cauliflower Pasta

Roasted Cabbage and Cauliflower

Cucumber Walnut Cheesecake

Coconut Walnut Crumbs With Forest Fruits and Whipped Cream

No-Bake Chestnut Cake With Sea Buckthorn Syrup

Chinese Steamed Egg