Grilled Salmon Taco

Tacos anyone? This Mexican treat comes in all sorts of varieties and combos, and today we present one of our favorite ones. It has smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a few veggies. You don’t want to leave them aside, because they bring a nice amount of savor and freshness that we all enjoy. Add even more flavor by grilling the taco for a couple of minutes!

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Butter-Fried Veggie Quesadilla

Let’s be honest for a second, who doesn’t love quesadillas? They’re the perfect mix between a snack and a main course, and it’s very versatile. That means that you’re going to love them in all kinds of combinations. Today, we’ve prepared a veggie combo, with white beans, tomatoes, radishes, and bell peppers. To make it even better, try cooking them in butter! We couldn’t resist using butter!

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Ground Beef Tortilla Wraps

Savory ground beef, melting Cheddar, and crispy bacon! Put them together in a tortilla, and you my friend are in for a feast tonight! Whisk some eggs and throw them into the mix, so that the ingredients can be hold together. It’s so easy to make them at home and they taste so good!

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Tequila Flavored Chili

Getting ready for a Mexican feast? Then this recipe is perfect for you! Aside from beef, this chili also has bresaola and sausages, which are nice additions for all meat-lovers. Add jalapeno for a spicy kick, and don’t forget about the key ingredient here: tequila!

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Mexican Beef Salad

Have you ever tried beef salads? They’re probably the best kind of salads that you can ever try! Just cook a savory beef tenderloin the way you like it, and serve it alongside some fresh vegetables. Inspired from Mexican cuisine, this dish has a lot of amazing flavors that make it fantastic!

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