Spiced Roast Tortilla With Guacamole

Want a healthier version of nachos? You can try making them out of tortilla wraps. Slice it into triangles, and cook it in the oven next to your favorite spices. Serve it with a homemade guacamole dip, and enjoy your new found healthy snack.

Roasted Zucchini Sticks With Cabbage and Veggie Salad

You can easily make these roasted zucchini sticks by slicing the veggies thinly, and coating them with flour, breadcrumbs, and parmesan. Next, cook them in the oven for just under half an hour, if you’re looking for some extra crisp. And, if you’re going for light meals, serve them next to a fresh and simple cabbage and veggie salad!

Cheese and Spinach Omelet Pie

This rich spinach pie couldn’t taste fresher and more delicious. It has no added flour and its texture comes from using whisked eggs, which thicken and go very well with cottage cheese and parmesan. You can serve it either hot or cold, and even take it with you to work. Your coworkers definitely won’t mind at all.

cheese and ham phyllo rolls casserole

Cheese and Ham Phyllo Rolls Casserole

This casserole is seriously yummy stuff. A hearty comfort food that is deliciously cheesy from the melting Gruyere and feta. The ham is a welcomed addition. Also, the nutmeg and thyme flavoring. And as always, the crispy phyllo pastry makes everything extra-tasty.

Cheesy Tater Tot Waffle with Bacon

Cheesy Tater Tot Waffle With Bacon

These guys are mega-delicious and there’s nothing easier than to assemble them. The crispy tots and bacon backed up by the bell pepper dices are being engulfed by the melted cheddar. The sky is the limit as to what and how many ingredients you toss between the two potato waffles. Enjoy your breakfast!

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs

This day and age, it’s easier than ever to cook. Buy some delicious mince mix from the store, make some meatballs and wrap them in bacon, for that extra crunchy step. These meatballs are something very easy to make for an unexpected visit.

Veggie Tortilla Wraps

If all vegetarian food was that good, we would’ve all given up meat by now! This recipe is made out of simple ingredients, but when combined, they add up to a wonderful dish. The veggies are seasoned with cashew powder and basil, which bring nice aromas, and on top we have shredded mozzarella. You just have to have it wrapped in tortillas!

Veggie-Filled Bacon Roll

With a crispy outer layer made entirely of bacon, this roll is nothing short of delicious. Its filling is made with mayo, spring onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers, giving it a fresh taste, and perfectly balancing the smoky and salty flavor of bacon. It takes a while to make it because you have to weave the bacon slices, but in the end, you’ll find that it’s truly worth it.

Bacon Cheddar Sticks

The Cheddar cheese it’s melting in your mouth and the bacon is so crispy! Try these bacon Cheddar sticks and you’ll not regret!

Bacon and Potato on Skewers

There are moments when less is more! Sometimes, that works for cooking too. We have a great idea for a tasty snack. Boil some potatoes, put them on skewers and wrap them in bacon!

Bacon Wrapped Fried Sandwich

To make your breakfast absolutely amazing, wrap a slice of bread and a fried egg in bacon and… fry it again! Spoil your taste buds with the soft yolk and the crispy bacon!

American Sushi

Isn’t Sushi tasty enough for you? Then try this approach! Imagine using bacon slices instead of nori and mozzarella with quail eggs for the filling! It may not be as healthy as your usual sushi but for sure it is richer in flavor.

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