Rum and Pineapple Cocktail

Do you like pineapple? Well, we love it! And it’s delicious when added in cocktails! Use both the juice and pulp of the fruit, mix it with white rum and bitter lemon. Top it with a few berries and cherries and voila, the perfect pineapple cocktail for a warm summer day!

Mexican Veggies in Tortilla Nests

If you didn’t know vegetarian food can also taste and look good, then for sure you haven’t tried this recipe! It’s inspired by Mexican cuisine, and it has red beans, sweet corn cooked with tomato sauce, and it’s served in a deep-fried tortilla! Mexican feast, here we come!

Curacao and Vanilla Ice Cream Shake

Curacao is a blue liqueur with an orange flavor and works very well when added in a variety of cocktails. So, if you want to prepare a refreshing drink at home, here’s a nice recipe that you can try. Mix the curacao liquer with vanilla ice cream, and top it with whipped cream and crushed biscuits.

Chicken With Chanterelles and Coconut Milk

Have you ever cooked with chanterelles? They’re wild mushrooms and many consider them a culinary delicacy. So if you have guests and want to impress them, consider buying some chanterelles! You can start with this simple recipe which pairs up chicken and coconut milk with the beautiful mushrooms.

Cheesy Corn and Bacon Casserole

Crispy bacon, sweet corn, and three types of cheese? If this has got your attention, then you should try this recipe. It has plenty of other ingredients, which all add up to a wonderful dish. Try it for dinner, and don’t forget to bring friends over.

Ground Beef Tortilla Wraps

Savory ground beef, melting Cheddar, and crispy bacon! Put them together in a tortilla, and you my friend are in for a feast tonight! Whisk some eggs and throw them into the mix, so that the ingredients can be hold together. It’s so easy to make them at home and they taste so good!

Summer Salad With Creamy Avocado Pesto

Sticking to a diet is not an easy thing to do! We’re going to give you some much-needed help by presenting this wonderful salad. It’s full of healthy veggies, and instead of the usual dressing, we’ve made a delicious avocado pesto.

Tequila Flavored Chili

Getting ready for a Mexican feast? Then this recipe is perfect for you! Aside from beef, this chili also has bresaola and sausages, which are nice additions for all meat-lovers. Add jalapeno for a spicy kick, and don’t forget about the key ingredient here: tequila!

Pork Chops With Sweet Glaze

Let’s face it, pork is always an option for when you’re hungry. But, it’s also a good ingredient for an exotic dish. Season the meat with garlic and ginger, and serve it with a delicious sauce made with coconut milk and a splash of grenadine syrup. Try it and be surprised by the amazing flavores that await you.

Prosciutto and Salami Pizza

There’s always an excuse for making a nice pizza at home. First, you get to use your favorite ingredients. Secondly, it’s cheaper and way better than takeaways. For a more authentic experience, season the tomato sauce with Italian spices, like oregano, basil and garlic. It’s definitely worth it!

Potato-Crust Pizza

Potato crust pizza? That’s something you don’t see every day! First thing you need to know is that there’s no baking required. Secondly, the cheese will be very important, because it’s what keeps the potatoes stand together. We’ve topped the pizza with prosciutto, arugula and an egg. It’s an amazing combo, and we’re sure you won’t miss the classic pizza dough!

Oreo Waffles

Ready to put a twist on the classic waffle recipe? We took care of that for you and used Oreo biscuits in the dough! Don’t forget to keep some crushed Oreos to use as a topping. You’ll thank us later!

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