Ghostly Chocolate Cookies

Find out how to make these beautiful ghostly chocolate cookies by trying the recipe down below. They consist of a rich, chocolaty base, topped with a sweet meringue. The twist is the meringue that is shaped like a ghost, so it is a perfect dessert to serve for this years’ Halloween!

Halloween Cupcakes

Frighten your trick or treaters with these deliciously scary cupcakes! There’s plenty of chocolate here, so its fans will definitely be pleased with them. Just remember to book some time for the recipe, because it will take a while to cook these cupcakes.

halloween recipes

Halloween Monster Fingers

Don’t be scared by these monster fingers because the only thing they’ll hurt is your diet. Made from a delicious buttery dough, and topped with almonds and cherry jam, they’re bound to become your Halloween party sensation!

Mummy Brie

Surprise your guests for this years’ Halloween and make them this delicious mummy brie! It is wrapped in puff pastry, and topped with pepperoni and olives to make it even more real. You can easily prepare it in advance and bake it the moment your guests arrive!

Fried Pumpkin Cheesecake Fingers

Filled with cream cheese and pumpkin puree, this is not your ordinary snack! The filling and toppings (sugar and cinnamon) make them more appropriate as a dessert for special occasions! And, since these pumpkin cheesecake fingers are bursting with pumpkin flavor, we think the best time to make them is this Halloween!

Quinoa-Filled Pumpkins

These quinoa-filled pumpkins are perfect for Halloween! And, if you were looking for a vegetarian dish to impress your guests with, then cooking this is a no-brainer! You can also add your favorite veggies in the mix, because we’ve used a few mushrooms and leeks, and they turned out absolutely fabulous!

Cheese Pretzel Broomsticks

Want to try a dazzling starter for Halloween? You should try making these beautiful cheese pretzel broomsticks. They’re so cute, they’ll literally fly off the plate. Plus, they’re made with just three ingredients and your kids will absolutely love them!

Chocolate Ganache-Topped Halloween Cake

Topped with a thick chocolate ganache, this cake is certainly one that draws attention. You can also make it in a jiffy, because you can use a store-bought sponge cake. Decorate it Halloween-style and serve it to year trick or treaters. They’re bound to return for next year!

Cream Cheese Filled Oreo Cake

This Oreo cake may seem scary at first, but we guarantee nothing about its wonderful flavor will frighten you. The beautiful color of the filling comes from using red food coloring, but if you’re not a fan of it, you can mix the cream cheese with a few frozen raspberries!

halloween recipes

Halloween Graveyard Cake

Perfect for bringing up on the main stage of your Halloween party, this Halloween graveyard guarantees an extra spooky party. Follow our instructions on making the cake and the white chocolate tombstone, and you’re bound to have a memorable party this year!

Puff Pastry Peach Tartlets

This is what we call an easy-to-make dessert! And the secret is the peach! Its flavor becomes stronger when you cook it in butter and brown sugar! If you don’t have peaches or don’t like them, you can use the fruit of your choice!

Cheese-Stuffed Pork Schnitzel With Sweet Potato Mash

Want to make something new out of a pork neck steak? You can fill it with some Cheddar cheese and brie, coat it with flour, egg, breadcrumbs, and deep-fry it. It’s one of the best schnitzels you can try, and it works very well with a simple sweet potato mash!

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