baked feta with chili and basil

Baked Feta With Chili and Basil

Pair some of this mouth-watering side dish with your salad and you’ll thank yourself (and us!) for trying it. The olive oil absorbs the feta, chili, and basil flavors, mixing them together to create a more than pleasant, refreshing taste.

chicken, feta and couscous stuffed peppers

Chicken, Feta, and Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Let’s play a bit with the classic stuffed bell peppers recipe. Fill them with creamy feta, cooked chicken breast, and an impressive couscous mixture. The latter is made with vegetables and flavored with dill, basil, and oregano. Don’t forget to add some tanginess thanks to the lemon juice.

warm octopus tentacle salad

Warm Octopus Tentacle Salad

A warm octopus salad is clearly not something you eat every day. But preparing it is as easy as tossing seafood and veggies together into a skillet. The octopus’ pleasantly chewy texture goes so well with the flavored mixture of buttery baby spinach and tangy kalamata olives.

turkey patties with tomato, cucumber and feta salad

Turkey Patties With Tomato, Cucumber and Feta Salad

Did you know you can substitute patties for meatballs? Grill these amazing patties made with minced turkey meat, mixed with breadcrumbs, and loaded with delicious feta cheese. Serve the patties topped with a healthy and refreshing cucumber, tomato, and feta salad.



Want to be blown away by a filling and warming Greek dish? Give Soutzoukakia a try, a dish spiced up with cinnamon and cumin and cooked with red wine. The breadcrumbs and ground beef combination make the meatballs extra-yummy. This gets even better thanks to the thick tomato sauce. Serve it with a side dish like cooked rice.

cheese and ham phyllo rolls casserole

Cheese and Ham Phyllo Rolls Casserole

This casserole is seriously yummy stuff. A hearty comfort food that is deliciously cheesy from the melting Gruyere and feta. The ham is a welcomed addition. Also, the nutmeg and thyme flavoring. And as always, the crispy phyllo pastry makes everything extra-tasty.

Beef and Potato Moussaka

This dish is called moussaka, and it’s a delicious casserole with homemade potato chips, cooked ground beef, and the traditional béchamel sauce! It’s tasty and satisfying, and we bet you’ll make it again and again!

Grilled Halloumi Sandwich

Not all good sandwiches need to involve meat, right? And for that we have cheese! Today’s star is Halloumi cheese, which is a Cypriot cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep cheese. Usually, Halloumi is grilled or fried when served because of its high melting point. You can add Halloumi in your salad or your omelet, but you can also make delicious sandwiches using it!


Spanakopita is a delicious pie, with homemade dough and a savory filling made with baby spinach, yogurt, and feta. Is your mouth already watering? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This recipe requires some work and cooking skills, but in the end, you’ll find that it’s really worth the effort. Try it for a large family meal, and we’re sure you will impress everybody!

Eggplant and Beef Moussaka

Moussaka is a well-known dish in countries like Greece, Turkey, Serbia, and Romania. The most common version involves layering eggplant and minced meat, and then pouring a white sauce called béchamel over it. Cook the moussaka in the oven and give it a try when you are very hungry!

New Potatoes With Tzatziki Dip

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside when cooked, new potatoes are the ultimate comfort food! Enjoy them with a creamy tzatziki dip and your bad day will go away!

Chocolate Baklava

Baklava is a Middle-Eastern dessert, which consists of a rich and sweet pastry made with phyllo sheets, filled with walnuts and topped with syrup and honey. We thought adding some chocolate to the classic recipe can sure cause no harm! If you haven’t tried cooking them by now, there are a few tricks involved, but do your best, because in the end it will totally worth it!

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