Strawberry Jam Cookies







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You can eat these wonderful cookies on their own. But we recommend you level them up and try them with some strawberry jam. The crunchiness of the cookie and the sweet but softer jam go really well together!

Nutritional Chart

Calories: 250 kCal / serving

  • Proteins:
  • Fats:
  • Carbs:
  • 48 g
  • 6 g
  • 3 g

Ingredients Needed for Strawberry Jam Cookies

2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
¼ cup flour
2 egg whites
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ cup strawberry jam
1 ounce whipped cream

How to Make Strawberry Jam Cookies

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F/175 degrees C.
  2. Mix in one bowl the powdered sugar with the flour.
  3. Add the egg whites and the vanilla extract.
  4. Mix them with an electric mixer.
  5. Using a spoon, pour some batter on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. You should make about 12 cookies.
  6. Bake the cookies for 12-14 minutes.
  7. Make small sandwiches with the cookies: spread some strawberry jam on one cookie, add whipped cream, and top with one more cookie.
  8. You’ll make about 6 jam sandwich cookies.
  9. If you like, you can sprinkle some more powdered sugar on them.

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