Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 10 minutes
  • 4 servings

Be creative tonight and surprise your friends with a delicious snack that they haven’t tried before! You’ll only need cream cheese, salami, and some spices to make these simple, yet delicious, mini appetizers! There’s no baking required, and we guarantee your guests will ask for the recipe!

Ingredients Needed for Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls

7 ounces of cream cheese
30 salamis slices, thinly sliced
chili flakes

How to Cook Salami and Cream Cheese Rolls

  1. Wrap the cream cheese in a plastic foil and press it with a rolling pin until it becomes very thin and you obtain a square surface.
  2. Cover one front of the cheese with all the salami slices and cover with plastic foil again.
  3. Turn it around and season with chili flakes, pepper, and dill.
  4. Start rolling from one end and do it carefully so you do not lose any filling.
  5. Slice the salami roll into smaller rolls, depending on your preferences.

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