Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salad

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 15 minutes
  • One serving

We always value creativity when it comes to cooking, and if you want to try something that is a true eye-catcher, try this recipe! Take a kiwi, some watermelon, feta cheese, and make some thick equal dices. Place them on top of each other like a Rubik’s Cube. It’s a very appealing and refreshing salad!

Ingredients Needed for Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salad

    2 kiwis
    1 watermelon slice
    3.5 ounces of feta cheese
    1 ounce white chocolate, shredded

How to Make Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salad

  1. Remove the skin of the kiwis and the shell of the watermelon.
  2. Slice the kiwis, watermelon, and feta into thick dices.
  3. Arrange the obtained dices in a 3×3 cube.
  4. Try not to place same cubes next to each other.
  5. Serve the salad with shredded white chocolate on top.

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