Red Lentil-Stuffed Tomatoes

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • 40 minutes
  • 4 servings

This stuffed tomato dish is healthy and vegetarian, it’s not so high in carbohydrates or fat, it is pretty low on protein and calories. Of course, you can always choose to use it as a side dish. You’ll need the pulp from 1 tomato only for the filling mixture. Eat the remaining pulp raw, as we did.

Ingredients Needed for Red Lentil-Stuffed Tomatoes

    4 large tomatoes
    ½ teaspoon salt
    3 garlic cloves, crushed
    1 teaspoon dried thyme
    1 teaspoon paprika
    3 spring onions, chopped
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 teaspoon fresh parsley, chopped
    3 ounces of red lentil, boiled
    ⅔ cup tomato juice

How to Make Red Lentil-Stuffed Tomatoes

  1. Cut off the tomato tops and scoop out their pulp. Dice the pulp from 1 of them and discard the rest. Don’t discard the tomato tops.
  2. Add the diced tomato pulp, salt, garlic, thyme, paprika, spring onion, olive oil, parsley, and lentils to a bowl. Mix until even.
  3. Fill the tomatoes with this mixture, top each one with its cap, then transfer to a baking dish.
  4. Pour the tomato juice over them and bake for 25 minutes at 400⁰F/200⁰C.

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