Muffin and Whipped Cream Shot Glass Dessert

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 10 minutes
  • 2 servings

Sometimes, the best desserts are made out of the simplest ingredients, and this recipe is a perfect example. All you need to prepare this delicious dessert is some regular store-bought muffins, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. We recommend raspberries and cherries, but surely you can be creative and use a wide variety of fruits.

Ingredients Needed for Muffin and Whipped Cream Shot Glass Dessert

    4 muffins, store-bought
    5 ounces of whipped cream
    10 raspberries
    10 cherries

How to Make Muffin and Whipped Cream Shot Glass Dessert

  1. Break the muffins into small crumbles.
  2. Cover the bottom of one cup with muffin crumbles. Press them with a spoon.
  3. Use a piping bag to add whipped cream all the way to half of the glass.
  4. Add 5 raspberries. Add one more crumble layer and finish with whipped cream and 5 raspberries.
  5. Repeat above steps for the other cup, only this time use cherries instead.
  6. Serve cold!

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