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Here is a drink that perfectly shows you how well certain fresh ingredients work when incorporated into cocktails. This gin basil smash is as fresh as they come and will surely be a hit at your next party. Try it and enjoy it!

Nutritional Chart

Calories: 173 kCal / serving

  • Proteins:
  • Fats:
  • Carbs:
  • 0 g
  • 0 g
  • 21 g

Ingredients Needed for Gin Basil Smash

1 small bunch of basil
½ lemon
0.5 fluid ounce lime juice
0.5 fluid ounce sugar syrup
1.5 fluid ounces of gin

How to Make Gin Basil Smash

  1. Add the basil leaves on the bottom of your shaker.
  2. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon over the basil.
  3. Add sugar syrup and gin.
  4. Fill the rest of the shaker with ice cubes.
  5. Shake and strain in a separate glass.
  6. Serve with lemon peel and fresh basil.

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