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This fried egg on avocado cauliflower toast is gluten-free, dairy-free, and meatless. And that means you can eat it without worrying about your dietary restrictions. So enjoy this breakfast that boosts your energy up for the day!

Nutritional Chart

Calories: 595 kCal / serving

  • Proteins:
  • Fats:
  • Carbs:
  • 17 g
  • 52 g
  • 24 g

Ingredients Needed for Fried Egg on Avocado Cauliflower Toast

¼ cauliflower head
2 eggs
sea salt
olive oil
1 avocado
½ lime

How to Make Fried Egg on Avocado Cauliflower Toast

  1. Grate the cauliflower and add it to a bowl. Add 1 egg, and season with sea salt and pepper. Stir until you make a soft paste.
  2. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil into a skillet. Add the cauliflower mix in a stainless steel cooking ring (2-4 inches/ 5-10 cm diameter). Cook it until golden brown on the first side, for about 5 minutes, then remove the cooking ring and flip it. Cook it on the second side for 3 more minutes. Set it on a plate.
  3. Peel the avocado. Season it with salt and pepper, then squeeze lime juice. Mash the avocado pulp and then spread it on the cauliflower patty.
  4. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet on medium heat and fry the second egg. Place the fried egg on the top of the cauliflower patty. Sprinkle chili flakes.

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