Feta and Walnut Stuffed Squid With Garlic Sauce

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • 40 minutes
  • 4 servings

The delicious squid is always quick and easy to prepare, and this recipe makes no exception. Just fill yours with a tangy oregano-flavored mixture of feta, walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes. Upgrade with a white wine and garlic sauce.

Ingredients Needed for Feta and Walnut Stuffed Squid With Garlic Sauce

For the filling:

7 ounces of feta cheese (200 g)
3 ounces of walnuts
1 ounce sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
1 spring onion, chopped
1 tablespoon breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon dried oregano

For the sauce:

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
3 garlic cloves, crushed
⅓ cup white wine

For the squids:

1 pound squid (4 cleaned squids)
2 teaspoons of vegetable oil

How to Cook Feta and Walnut Stuffed Squid With Garlic Sauce

  1. For the filling:

    Add the feta cheese to a bowl and crumble it using your hands. Add the walnuts into a zip bag and crush them using a mallet. Add them to the bowl, too.

  2. Keep adding the sun-dried tomatoes, spring onion, breadcrumbs, parsley, and dried oregano. Mix them until even using a fork. Set aside.
  3. For the sauce:

    Heat the oil in a pot over low heat. Add the garlic and season with salt and pepper. Cook and stir until tender.

  4. Add the white wine. Cook and stir and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  5. For the squids:

    Fill the squids with the feta and veggie mixture. Seal them using toothpicks and add them to a grill pan.

  6. Cover the pan with the lid and grill the squids for 8 minutes on one side. Flip them, coat them with vegetable oil, and grill more.
  7. Serve them sliced and dressed with some garlic sauce.

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