Cauliflower Pizza

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • 40 minutes
  • 3 servings

Don’t let the name mislead you. This isn’t a cauliflower-topped pizza. This pizza is all cauliflower and is gluten-free as it uses no dough at all! What’s more, we topped it with bell pepper, bacon (duh!), and two types of cheese.

Ingredients Needed for Cauliflower Pizza

    1 cauliflower
    1 teaspoon oregano
    3 tablespoon parmesan, grated
    1 egg
    ½ red bell pepper, diced
    ½ orange bell pepper, diced
    3 ounces bacon, chopped
    2 ounces olives, pitted and sliced
    1 cup low moisture mozzarella, grated

How to Make Cauliflower Pizza

  1. Broke the cauliflower into florets and add them to the mixer.
  2. Season with salt, pepper, and oregano, then add 1 tablespoon of parmesan and the egg. Crush them.
  3. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  4. Transfer the cauliflower mixture on it and flatten it using your hands.
  5. Top with the diced bell pepper, the remaining parmesan, the bacon, olives, and mozzarella.
  6. Bake for 20 minutes at 420⁰F/215⁰C.
  7. Serve garnished with fresh parsley.

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