Beef Meatballs With Veggie Sauce

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • 30 minutes
  • 2 servings

For this tasty dish, we made meatballs with ground beef mixed and flavored with onion, carrot, thyme, egg, and garlic, and fried them. Then, for the sauce, we cooked an onion and added tomato sauce, together with sugar, thyme, and pepper. For the last step, we added the fried meatballs to the sauce, tasted it, and decided it’s a delicious treat!

Ingredients Needed for Beef Meatballs With Veggie Sauce

    For the meatballs:

    12 ounces of ground beef
    1 onion, diced
    1 carrot, shredded
    1 tablespoon dried thyme
    1 egg
    ½ teaspoon pepper
    ½ teaspoon salt
    2 garlic cloves, crushed
    vegetable oil

    For the sauce:

    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 small onion, shredded
    1 cup tomato sauce
    1 tablespoon sugar
    teaspoon pepper
    1 teaspoon dried thyme
    1 bay leaf

How to Make Beef Meatballs With Veggie Sauce

  1. For the meatballs:
    Add the ground beef, onion, carrot, dried thyme, egg, pepper, salt, and garlic cloves into a bowl and mix them together using the hands. Form this mixture into meatballs (you’ll get around 6-7 of them).
  2. Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat, then fry the meatballs until (dark) golden brown. Set them aside.
  3. For the gravy:
    Heat the vegetable oil into a skillet over low heat then add the onion, tomato sauce, sugar, salt, dried thyme, pepper, and bay leaf. Stir and cook for a few minutes, add the meatballs and cook a little more.

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