Bacon-Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken







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Looking to add some extra flavour to the classic chicken breast? Well, we might be able to help you with that. Make a nice guacamole, with all of your favorite ingredients and use it to fill the chicken breast. For the finishing touch, wrap the meat with bacon slices and slide it in the oven. The dish is almost ready, just let the heat do the rest of the work.

Nutritional Chart

Calories: 407 kCal / serving

  • Proteins:
  • Fats:
  • Carbs:
  • 19 g
  • 33 g
  • 25 g

Ingredients Needed for Bacon-Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

1 tomato
1 red onion
1 chili
1 avocado
1 garlic clove, crushed
½ lime
fresh coriander
8 ounces of chicken breast
6 bacon

How to Make Bacon-Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

  1. Preheat the oven to 390°F/195°C.
  2. Slice and dice the tomato. Thinly slice the red onion and chili.
  3. Slice the avocado and remove its skin.
  4. Add it in a blender with the garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper, and coriander.
  5. Blend everything into a smooth guacamole.
  6. Add plastic foil over the chicken breast and use a rolling pin to flatten it.
  7. Fill it with the guacamole and wrap it with the bacon slices.
  8. Add it into a baking tray and bake it for the next 25 minutes.
  9. Serve it warm!

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