Apple, Veggie and Chicken Breast Puree

  • Difficulty: Basic
  • 30 minutes
  • 2 servings

It’s not every day you prepare an all-in-one puree. This is one of those days. One of these days in which your puree has everything in it: veggies and fruits (leek, pumpkin, carrot, apple, and sweet potato), meat (chicken breast), and cheese (parmesan). All-in-one, said and done!

Ingredients Needed for Apple, Veggie and Chicken Breast Puree

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 leek, sliced
    7 ounces pumpkin, diced
    2 carrots, diced
    1 apple, diced
    1 sweet potato, diced
    6-7 ounces chicken breast, cubed
    3-4 cups chicken stock
    3 tablespoons parmesan, grated

How to Make Apple, Veggie and Chicken Breast Puree

  1. Heat the olive oil in a pot over low heat, then add the leek, pumpkin, carrots, apple, and sweet potato
  2. Cook and stir for 10 minutes.
  3. Add the chicken breast and keep cooking and stirring until it starts changing color.
  4. Add the chicken soup, cover with the lid, and cook for 10-12 minutes more, or until reduced.
  5. Transfer the cooked veggies and meat to a measuring glass.
  6. Add the parmesan and mash everything.

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