Zucchini Recipes That Prove How Versatile They Are

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If you’re looking to branch out when it comes to cooing this veggie, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our tastiest zucchini recipes. 

We’ve had so many zucchini recipes to choose from for this, since it mostly works with anything, as anything. Cupcakes, noodles, chips, you name it. These tasty and healthy veggies are so versatile, that narrowing down the flavors was hard work. After this, I will probably reward myself with some zucchini fritters, because they’re delicious!

8 zucchini recipes to die for

1. Zucchini and pickle burgers

Don’t you just like the sight of a burger filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies? We do, too. From a pair of decadent tasty burgers, the mayo and ketchup should not be absent. Also, the juicy sour pickles, the ever-delicious crispy bacon, and the refreshing veggies. You can enhance the zucchini by cooking it in butter, first. You can prebake your buns for a crispier effect.

2. Zucchini noodles with bolognese sauce

Let’s put together a thick meaty Bolognese sauce from ground beef and tomatoes and flavor it with smoky onion, camphor-like oregano, and mildly peppery basil. But instead of dressing pasta with it let’s use it on zucchini “noodles”, which we cut with the spiral cutter.

3. Baked zucchini chips

Do you care for some chips? Not the usual ones made from potatoes, but low-carb healthy ones baked by you in your own kitchen. Spike them with paprika and turmeric and also drizzle some olive oil into the tray. The thinner you cut the slices, the crispier you’ll get them. Serve them with some dip.

4. Cheesy stuffed zucchini

Let’s upgrade the unpretentious and simple zucchini by stuffing it with tangy salty small bits and bake it. What you’ll end up with is joyfully-looking stuffed zucchinis that are just as tasty. Gooey mozzarella and bocconcini, pleasantly spicy salami, and flavorful cherry tomatoes, all brought together on edible zucchini trays.

5. Asparagus and zucchini cream soup

Indulge yourself with a bowl of steaming goodness. A smooth and warming cream soup made from asparagus, celery, and zucchini, but flavored with curry powder, and thyme. Complete it with yogurt and parmesan. Follow the steps and we promise this will turn into something wonderful.

6. Almond zucchini fritters

When making fritters, you’ll need a thickening agent. For this recipe, we used almond flour to make the fritters hold together. This way, we’ve got some gluten-free fritters which also have a subtle almond taste. Need more reasons for trying them? All we can say is this: they are flavored with spring onion, mint, and parsley.

7. Semolina and zucchini muffins

These zucchini semolina muffins are an easy job for anyone. They are moist, mildly sweet and salty at the same time, which makes them all-purpose snacks. Flavor them heavily: use plenty of turmeric, ginger, and garlic and a black sesame, mustard, and cumin garnishing.

8. Zucchini chocolate cake

We urge you to try this zucchini cake on a gloomy day with some hot tea. It’s quite dense from the zucchini addition and can keep your hunger at bay so you can have it also as breakfast. Serve it plain or, optionally, garnish it with chocolate topping.

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