7 White Wine Recipes for Every Day of the Week

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Cooking with alcohol is always a pretty flavorful (preparing and eating) experience. And the simplest way to do it is to go for white wine recipes. Bonus: if you’re cooking for other people, the food will go up in refinement and fanciness. And who doesn’t want that? My ego surely does. 

If you want to know more about cooking with white wine before you try these recipes, we have you covered. You can read this for the basics and some other ideas of what kind of recipes go well with wine. That said, let’s see our recommendations for white wine recipes that are to die for.

7 white wine recipes to try as soon as possible

1. White wine-baked duck legs with cabbage salad

Baking the duck meat with onion and white wine results in a savory meal. Serve the duck on a crunchy and refreshing red and white cabbage salad enhanced with a lemony olive oil dressing.

2. Scallops with fennel in white wine

Want to try something close to fabulous? Pair scallops with a vegetable stew. Toss fennel and capers together and cook them in butter and white wine. Further flavor them with lemon juice and parsley. We were amazed at the result. You’ll be, too.

3. White wine chicken thighs and lentils

For this one, cook the thighs separately to enjoy more of their flavor. In fact, use the same skillet with the drippings and aromas left from the previous ingredients – bacon, veggies, and chicken. This way, you’ll get a bunch of beautifully mixing flavors. Then just add white wine, mustard, and yogurt for the final round.

4. Salade Nicoise with white wine and mustard vinaigrette

“Bienvenus” to this summer delight originating in Nice. It’s as easy as ABC. Just cook potatoes and green beans and serve them together with other vegetable goodies, boiled eggs, and tuna. Dress it with an oil-free twist on vinaigrette, where white wine and white wine vinegar, shallot and Dijon mustard, get together for an ultimate acidic upgrade.

5. Turkey thighs with veggies and white wine sauce

If you still have some turkey meat and veggies that you haven’t finished and you want to put those nice leftovers to work, you can try this wonderful dish with turkey thighs, lots of veggies, and a delicious sauce with tomatoes and white wine. Try and enjoy!

6. Fusilli with mussels and white wine sauce

Mussels are a special ingredient, that we usually see in seafood and fancy Italian restaurants. But if you feel they are a little overpriced there, you can try cooking them at home. Pair them with a simple spaghetti side, and a simple sauce, with white wine, butter, and garlic!

7. Parmesan fried chicken with white wine

Do you like to drink a glass of wine while cooking? How about pouring it into the food? This fried parmesan chicken is crispy golden and tender. It goes well with the spring onion and cherry tomatoes cooked in wine, we assure you.

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