Super Bowl 2019 Snacks for the Big Game Night

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Super Bowl 2019 Snacks for the Big Game Night

If you don’t take a one-evening-break from healthy eating to celebrate the biggest football game of the year, then what other holiday might matter right now? Here are the best Super Bowl 2019 snacks to munch on at your watch party. 

10 Super Bowl 2019 snacks to munch on during the game

1. Mozzarella and parmesan chicken bites

When in need of something crispy and gooey at the same time, you can turn to these bite-sized cheesy nuggets. So before deep-frying them, stuff the chicken breast pieces with mozzarella sticks for a meaty and cheesy experience. For the crunchiness factor coat them with an oregano-flavored mixture of panko and parmesan. Serving them with a dip is a must. They will be gone in no time.

2. Asian Hot Chicken Wings

Mouth-watering and, literally, finger-licking. That’s how your friends will describe these hot chicken wings. Give them an Asian touch by tossing soy sauce into the saucepan. Also, spike the sauce with minced ginger, chili flakes, and garlic. A hint of sweet and a few crumbled walnuts, and you’re done.

3. Pizza toast with salami and mozzarella

Do you have 25 minutes (at most) to spare? Because we want you to transform the dull toast into finger-licking mini-pizzas. It’s all about tangy tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella, delicious salami, and a touch of milk. You know you can use any topping, right? Get started!

4. Chicken, jalapeno, and bacon wraps

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your wonderful Mexican snack. We’ve added some chicken breast inside a spicy jalapeno, and, as a trademark of ours, we’ve wrapped everything up in a slice of bacon. Next, we’ve placed the snack on a hot grill to give it that nice, smoky flavor.

5. Sweet potato burger bites

Come and try these vegetarian and healthy bites that look like mini-burgers. That’s just about it in terms of similarities with the classic burger. Ours have a creamy red bean mixture between two crispy grilled slices of sweet potato. And the play between salty and mildly sweet ingredients makes them so tasty.

6. Caraway cheese puff pastry straws

Hmm, mouth-watering, flaky snacks … Who would say no to something like this? Not many, I tell you. Prepare them yourself. It’s pretty easy. Prepare a buttery and garlic-flavored puff pastry sheet, then start cutting and twisting. Don’t forget the grated parmesan. Oh, and somehow they would be incomplete without caraway seeds.

7. Spicy cheese fingers

You can make these spicy cheese fingers using Cheddar for the coating or you can replace it with shredded parmesan if you prefer it. Also, add chili powder to season them up, but feel free to use any other herbs and spices you like.

8. Minced Meat And Nachos Casserole

Special occasions call for special nachos! So try this recipe with minced meat and mozzarella!

9. Baked Chicken Guacamole Tacos

They have chicken breast, they’re full of cheese, cooked veggies, and melted shredded Cheddar. Let the game begin!

10. Chicken And Bacon Puff Pastry Rolls

This combination of chicken breast and fried bacon, blended together with tomatoes and garlic, will definitely get some attention. But be warned, people will ask for more.

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